Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 7, Thursday May 26th, 2005

Woke up about 5:20(PDT)/6:20(MDT), Ready to ride at 6:45/7:45.

An inspection of the bike revealed that the left lower running light had loosened itself.
The lens and lamp carrier were being retained only by the electrical wires.
Unbelievably, the two tiny screws that hold the internals were there loose within the housing.
How they did not bounce out is quite a wonder.  I rode carefully over to the general store
and bought some duct tape, the universal fix-it.  With the lens taped solidly in place,
all was good to go until better repairs can be made at home.

Finally, on the road.  Time: 7:00/8:00, Trip 0.3, Odometer 24,107

I headed West on Highway-160 to Highway-89
At the intersection, there was no one around so I stood in the road
and took photos of the surroundings.  Of course, a car came
up behind me without my noticing.  However, he was very polite.

Arrived at the Grand Canyon Eastern Entrance
This entrance is 23 miles from the village, all at 35 MPH speed limit.
Strictly enforced by the omni-present campers and trailers.

I arrived early enough (yes, me early) that the entry gate was not yet open.
That saved me the $20 vehicle entry fee.

Time: 7:55, Trip: 54.2

Navajo Point is the first of several rim sites at which
I stopped and took photos.

Time: 8:04, Trip 58.0

Next stop was Lipan Point

Time: 8:16, Trip 59.7

Grand View
I skipped a few view spots, but had to stop at one with such a grand name.

Time: 8:40, Trip: 71.1

Grand Canyon Village

There's a big general store, a post office, a pretty good cafeteria
attached to the Yavapai Lodge hotel.

I had a nice chef salad, my breakfast and early lunch.

Time: 8:30/9:30 to 9:55/10:55

I sadly bade adieu to the Grand Canyon and headed South
down Highway-64/180 down to Williams where I gassed up.

Time: 10:58/11:58, Trip 141.3, Odometer: 24,248, Price: $2.599, Gal: 3.050, Cost $7.93

Started West on Highway-40.
This road is going to be my friend for a very long time.
Unfortunately, though, a very, very boring companion.

Next stop, food at the McDonald's in Kingman
Trains all around with tracks adjacent in the rear. BNSF mainly.

My knees giving me a bit of trouble.  Too much time in the same position
with strong vibrations from the bike.  Two ibuprofen and I'm golden.

Time: 12:40/1:40 to 1:08/2:08, Trip 112.7, Odometer: 24361

After lunch, gassed up at Woody's Food Store in Kingman, Arizona
Now, I don't get the Arizona time thing.  This is the same as California time.

Time: 1:11, Trip 112.8, Odometer: 24,361, Price: $2.439, Gal: 3.104, Cost $7.57

It's really hot!  Don't want to get too tired.
I've got quite a ways to go on this road.
The ground around here is rough gravel.

Stopped for 5 minutes at a rest stop.  Time: 1:45/2:45, Trip 30.3

Needles is the city you hear about on the weather reports.  It almost always has the highest temperature in the State.

I gas up at the Union 76: Time: 2:28, Trip 66.1, Odometer: 24,427, Price: $3.299 (rip-off), Gal: 1.740, Cost $5.74

I stop at the McDonald's to try to cool off.  I sit there having taken off
everything that modesty allows and soak in the air conditioned coolness.

I don't know why, with this heat, McD's doesn't plant some trees for shade!

Time: 2:35, Trip 0.2

Another rest area, it's not the easiest going right now.

There's not much here, here, just a lot of desert.

And miles to go before I sleep...

Time: 3:40, Trip 37.8

Stopped at Dairy Queen for a snack. Time: 4:35, Trip 92.1

Refueled at a Union 76
Time: 4:55, Trip: 92.8, Odometer: 24,520, Price: $2.799, Cost: $6.98, Gal: 2.492

After quite a bit of searching for the Days Inn in Barstow,
I settled for the Quality Inn.  It's kind of raunchy.  Old, musty.
With the discount coupon from the McD's coupon book it was $49.
That's even cheaper than the AAA or AARP discount prices.

There were about 42 American Motorcycle Association (AMA) members
staying the night.  They are on a cross-country ride from Illinois to California.
They came this day from Grand Canyon, after spending 2 days there.

Arrival time: 6:30, Trip 54.2, Odometer: 24,574

Progress for the day: 467 miles in about 11 hours, 30 Minutes
For the trip so far: 2,319 miles in about 52-1/2 hours on the road.

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