Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 5, Tuesday May 24th, 2005

Breakfast at Denny's across street from motel

Time: 8:07(PDT)/9:07(MDT), Trip: 15.3, Odometer: 23,239

Headed up Highway-15 through Salt Lake City.

We traveled at a good pace, having missed most of the early morning traffic. 
At one point, we  passed a motorcycle cop who was standing in the center median
next to his bike reading vehicle speeds with radar.
We were definitely going fast, speed limit was 70 or 75, we were doing 82,
and Myron could seem him rounding his bike to come after us. .
Fortunately, he decided not to. He probably saw how well we were suited up 
(especially compared to almost every other rider we saw in Utah) 
and decided we probably knew what we were doing

Stopped in Bountiful, Utah for a rest and some breakfast.
Burger King for some coffee and cinni-buns.

Time: 9:01/10:01 to 9:25/10:25, Trip 66.6

Continued up 15 and turned East on HIghway-91 to Logan
Stopped in downtown Logan for a leg stretch and some gas.
Walked around the park next to the tabernacle

Time: 10:45/11:45, Trip: 138.1, Odometer: 23,362
Price: $2.499, Gal: 3.745, Cost: $9.36

Leaving Logan, we were pleasantly surprised to discover ourselves on the edge
of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. 
A quick stop, and we had another letter for our HOG ABC's. 
As a bonus, we had a beautiful view of Cache Valley,
where trappers once stored (cached) their furs
until they were ready to transport them to market.

Time: 11:00/12:00 to 11:05/12:05, Trip: 2.1

Shortly, we came upon a small roadside sign announcing Rich County.
We were going to get a better opportunity for Rich County, but
collected the "R" HOG county letter there just as a contingency.
Time: 11:40/12:40, Trip 32.6
We ran into some construction as we approached Bear Lake, but we didn't have to wait long.
We were rewarded by a dramatic view of this huge, peaceful lake
Time: 12:20/1:10, Trip 46.3
Finally, we were in Idaho.  First stop was Fish Haven for a photo
of Bear Lake County
Fish Haven isn't the end of the Earth,
but I believe you can see it from there...

The county seat of Bear Lake County is Paris, Idaho.
This is particularly fun since Myron's niece and family live in Paris, France
so this is the sister city.

Time: 12:30/1:30, Trip 59.7

Coming back down Highway-89, we came upon Bloomington, Idaho.
We stopped at the post office for a photo and so that Myron could send
a post card to a friend in Bloomington, Indiana.  We spoke with the Postmistress and
it turned out that the she had recently been to both Bloomington, Indiana and
Bloomington, Minnesota. She took her father there to surprise a friend and fellow veteran
who was being honored at a ceremony.

Time: 12:59/1:59, Trip 62.9

We returned to Garden City for a "famous" Bear Lake raspberry shake and some lunch.
Myron ordered a "flame-broiled" burger and I tried a salmon burger (surprisingly good).
We were able to sit outdoors and enjoy the perfect spring weather.
Bear Lake was a ghost town during our brief stay,
but it is a popular recreational destination during the summer.

Time: 1:23/2:23 to 1:47/2:47, Trip 79.9

East on 30 and then South on 16, we arrived the tiny town of  Randolph, Utah

Gassed up at the Sinclair
Time: 2:25/3:25, Trip: 110.0 Odometer: 23,472
Price: $2.509, Gal: 2.259, Cost: $5.67
We took a few minutes to appreciate a Veterans' memorial outside the Rich County Courthouse.
A boy about age 11-12 stopped to admire the bike, and Myron talked with him for a little while.
When he heard where we were from, he said, "This place must be like a little dot to you."
We reassured him it had its virtues.
Joanne thought of giving him one of our web site cards,
so she asked him if he gets on the Internet much,
but he said "Naah," like it was some alien disease.

Down 16 and onto Highway-89,  we passed through Woodruff, UT and then on to Evanston, WY.
When we located the local Wal-Mart, we felt right at home.
We were disappointed that the new DVD releases were not on sale,
so we headed out to get our ABC photos for Wyoming.

From Evanston, it's Interstate all the way. Southwest on Highway-80, South on Highway-84
For much of it, we traveled at amazing speeds.
We stopped at the Summit Cafe, closed, and ate at the 7-11 look alike.
Time: 5:05/6:05, Trip: 90.4

We enjoyed the red cliffs and watching Castle Rock whiz by.
Further along the way, in Provo Canyon, Joanne pointed out Bridal Veil Falls as we sailed past.

What a great way to travel!

We arrived at Rachel and Mark's house, tired and happy to sit down on something softer.

Progress for the day:
Stopped at about 6:00, Odometer at 23,607
368 miles in about 10 hours

For the trip so far: 1,354 miles in 29 hours on the road.

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