Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 1, Friday May 20th, 2005

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...
A quick gas-up and I'm on my way.

Time: 8:22, Odometer: 22,255: Trip: 0.0

Heading up Lawrence, 237 and 880, I was kind of on auto-pilot.  When I reached Fremont,
I realized that I should have taken Mission over to 680.  Rather than backtrack, I turned
on Mowry up to Paseo Padre Pkwy then South-East to Mission Blvd and 680.
It is a really neat back road route.

First stop: Suisun Valley Road at 680-80 merge.

Time: 10:02 - 10:23, Trip: 86.9

First letter was for Placer County.
Found the Placer County Office of Education in Auburn.

Time: 11:40, Trip: 166.8


Refueled in Auburn at the Union 76.
Time: 11:51, Trip: 167.5, Odometer: 22,422, Price: $2.699, Cost: $10.57, Gal: 3.917

Donner Summit was COLD.  I had three layers of shirt
and my medium gloves and I was freezing.
C'mon, this is May, it's supposed to be Spring already.

Time: 12:46, Trip 60.8

Hitting Reno, now I was very hot.
It was a harbinger of worse heat yet to come.
Wandered around Reno trying to find a Washoe County sign.
Finally found the Washoe County Courthouse.
It's over 80 degrees and windy as I leave Reno.
Continuing on Hwy-80, there is a lot more of nothing
than I had figured.  All the little named dots on the map actually
consist of nothing more than "no services" off-ramps to nowhere.
I was getting dangerously low on gas and I was picturing
being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a thirsty bike.
I usually refuel at 165-175 miles, but this time, somehow,
Lola was extremely good to me and just kept keeping on
until I got to a town named Lovelock at 195.9 miles.

Stopped at the Safeway for a couple oranges and a banana.
Found an affordable motel if I should ever want to stay here.
Hit the local McDonald's for some fries, iced tea and a pee.

Departure Time: 4:07

Imlay, Nevada, my "I" city!
Time: 4:45, Trip: 40.7
Winnemucca, Humboldt County, Nevada
An "H" for my counties, and a neater "W" for cities.
Rode around town until I found the Humboldt County Courthouse and city buildings.
This is where I thought I might spend the night, but moved on.
Time: 5:29, Trip 73.7
Battle Mountain, Lander County, Nevada
It's now about 6:30, and I'm hungry and tired.

They're having a carnival in a park adjacent to
the local high-school.

Found an interesting motel to stay the night:
"Big Chief Motel"
Went into the office and no one was there.  After ringing the
desk bell and shouting hello periodically for about ten minutes,
the manager came running into the office, very apologetic.

Found an authentic Mexican restaurant in which to have supper
"El Aguila Real"
Ordered combination plate with three soft chicken tacos
and a side salad.  Never got the salad, but wasn't charged for it
either, and I was full, so I guess it turned out okay.


Refueled in Battle Mountain at a Chevron.
Time: 6:35, Trip: 129.2, Odometer: 22,747, Price: $2.699, Cost: $8.59, Gal: 3.184


Progress for the day and for the trip so far
497 miles in about 10 hours on the road

  May 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th

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