Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 2, Saturday May 21st, 2005

The continental breakfast at the Big Chief Motel was rather minimal.
A mini-bagel and half a cup of bad coffee.

There was a cute little scooter parked next to me.  I'm guessing
it belonged to the motel manager's kid.

Time: 8:10, Trip 6.3, Odometer: 22,749, on my way

It was hot the day before so I dressed appropriately.
What I didn't know is that the desert really colds down at night.
I was freezing.  I pulled over after a few miles on an turn-off to nowhere,
to change to warmer gloves.  It is a place with the name Argenta.
As I rode down the off-ramp, there was pebble-like debris all over the road.
Then I noticed it seemed to be moving. Huge crickets, thousands of them.
Must be trying to get some warmth from the sun on the pavement.
Along came a big truck crushing hundreds.  Immediately, a bunch of
swift-like birds swooped down from under the over-pass and began
feasting on the broken victims.  It looks like the birds are no match
for a full grown cricket, but when broken pieces are available, bonanza!

Time: 8:27, Trip: 19.1

Time: 9:23, Trip 77.8

Elko city and Elko county, Nevada, my county "E" letter.
Been picking up a lot of bugs on the windshield.  Washed it this AM.
Got my photo at the Elko County Sheriffs Office Sub Station and then headed over to McD's
for a little breakfast.  Pretty little town, though not much there.
Hope I don't have to go over those snowy mountains this afternoon.

Time: 9:55, Trip: 79.1, Temp: 59 degrees.

Traveling on Hwy-80, came across exit 333, Deeth Starr, Nevada.
Yes, the spelling is correct.  Again, just an off-ramp to nowhere, but the name.
I'm wondering if George Lucas came this way and got an inspiration...
And 333!  Let's see, 666 from 999 (666 upside down) is 333.  Hmm, Biblical?
Fueled up at a Flying-J Conoco in Wells, Nevada
Whoa! It took a lot of gas for the miles.  I think the pump ripped me off!
It seemed to get to 2 gallons way too soon, and then took over 4.  Way too much.
Price: $2.469, Gal: 4.249, Cost: $10.49

Time: 10:44, Trip: 130.9, Odometer: 22,878


West Wendover, Nevada and Wendover, Utah.
Casinos on one side of the line, their parking lots on the other.

Decided to top off the fuel, don't know what's ahead in the salt flats.
Price: $2.579, Gal: 1.617, Cost: $4.17
Time: 11:40, Trip: 58.7, Odometer: 22,937

Heading across the salt flats, there is nothing but salt flats as far as you can see.
And this road is STRAIGHT!  Not a bit of a curve for 50 miles.
There's the cut-off for Bonneville Salt Flats, Craig Breedlove and all that.
A little town, Delle, Utah.  Good, I need to stretch my legs.
At the Sinclair gas station, there are a bunch of bikers standing around.

Price: $2.699, Gal: 2.112, Cost: $5.70
Time: 1:00(PDT), 2:00(MDT), Trip: 71.9, Odometer: 23,009

Reached Provo, and toured downtown.  Quaint, rustic, uncrowded.
Finally, found the home of Joanne's daughter, Rachel.

Time: 3:00/4:00, Trip: 95.9, Odometer: 23,113

Progress for the day: 364 miles in about 7 hours
For the trip so far: 858 miles in 17 hours on the road
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