Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 3, Sunday May 22nd, 2005

A very short day planned for today.  It's Sunday and nothing in Utah is open on Sunday.
Also, it is good to get my butt out of the saddle after two long days.
Rachel found us a good room at the Days Inn  
Right across the street is a Denny's.
Mmm, good breakfasts...

Notice the snow on the nearby peaks.  It was warm, in the 80's,
and we could almost see the snow-pack shrinking as each day passed.

We took a short ride down to Nephi, Utah.
It's about 45 miles South of Provo along Highway 15.

Left the motel: 10:20(PDT)/11:20(MDT), Trip: 112.4, Odometer: 23,121

Nephi is in the county of Juab.  A county "J" letter is the reason
we picked Nephi as a destination.
Juab County Courthouse
There were a ton of bikers in Nephi.  Must be celebrating
the return of good weather for the riding season.  They were everywhere.
Phillips 66, Price: $2.459, Gal: 4.132, Cost: $10.16
Time: 11:40/12:40, Trip: 160.3, Odometer: 23,169

Overfilled the tank which often leads to the poor bike coughing, spitting, and bucking
until it can clear the liquid gasoline from the evaporative emission canister required by California EPA.
This is the first time Joanne has experienced this with Lola.

On the way back up Hwy-15, we fell in behind a group of 7 bikers also headed North from Nephi.
Although all Harleys, they were not the most coordinated group.  Some of the things they did made me nervous.
For example, they were riding abreast in the lane.  I don't know if Utah laws allow that,
California is pretty negative on lane sharing.  Very often it means a ticket here.
From time to time, when the group changed lanes to go around a car, there seemed to be little
coordination, every bike for him/herself.  Yes, a couple bikes were piloted by women.
At one point, the trailing rider cut in front of a car to his left in a lane change maneuver with
just about 10 feet to spare.  The car had to hit is brakes to keep the vehicles apart.
Of course, I trailed at a safe distance, but it was fun being with a group.
As I said, on Sunday, Utah is pretty quiet.

This is a view up a normally very busy, major thoroughfare.

Back at the motel: Time 12:31/1:31, Trip 43.8, Odometer: 23,213
Progress for the day: 92 miles in about 2 hours
For the trip so far: 960 miles in 19 hours on the road
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