Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 6, Wednesday May 25th, 2005

Woke early and saw Joanne off on the airport shuttle.  They came at 7:30(MDT).
I finished packing and left the motel behind at 6:50(PDT)/7:50(MDT)
Trip: 137.6, Odometer: 23,610
Started South on Highway-15 about 15 miles to Highway-6 East heading toward Four Corners.

Fueled up at the Phillips 66 at the start of Hwy-6.
Time: 7:09/8:09, Trip 149.2, Odometer: 23,622, Price: $2.439, Gal: 3.703, Cost: $9.03

First stop was in Price, Utah at the College of Eastern Utah
CEU Prehistoric Museum in Price
Evidently they dig up these bones in this region.

For the first movie Jurassic Park, Spielberg took liberties by making the Velociraptor larger
than any know to have existed.  Just before the movie was released, the Utahraptor was
discovered in the Price area and turned out to be exactly the size shown in the movie.

Time: 8:20-8:45/9:20-945, Trip: 66.6


Highway 6 is two lane most of the way, but nicely paved and good to ride.

Stopped at one point along the way just to take a few photos of the landscape.

Time: 9:40/10:40, Trip:109.9

Highway 6 ends at Highway-70.  Stopped at a Conoco Gas-N-Go in Green River, Utah

Met a fellow on a Goldwing who also started out in Provo this morning.  His destination is
somewhere in Iowa, over 1,600 miles in 24 hours.  Whew!  He also has a Heritage,
but says it is too hard to ride for more than a few hundred miles in a day.

Noticed a lot of military vehicles being trucked here and there on commercial rigs.
I don't know if this is out of the ordinary.  I suspect it is usual because of all the
military installations and testing areas all around the desert.

Time: 9:50/10:50, Trip 128.4, Odometer: 23,750, Price: $2.599, Gal: 3.023, Cost: $7.74


A little ways up Highway-70 is the turn-off for Arches National Park, Highway-171.
It turns out that I thought it was just a little jog and that I missed it.  I was getting
ready to double back when finally there was a road sign.

The final 10 miles to Arches and the next 4 miles after were under construction.  They
were conducting convoys of cars through the area with a single lead car.
When it was coming the other way, we just had to stand and wait in the 90 degree heat.

I didn't go in beyond the gate since a good friend had visited there a couple years ago
and reported that you can't see any good arches from the road.  You have to hike.
My motorcycle boots are not the best for cross-country hiking.

Time: 11:17/12:17, Trip 48.1


Moab, Utah is the county seat for Grand County.
Time: 11:39/12:39, Trip: 52.8

A little past Moab, I came upon Wilson Arch along side of the road.
Time: 12:07/1:07, Trip 78.1

At Monticello, Utah I gassed up at Woody's and then turned East on Highway-491 toward Colorado

Time: 12:38/1:38, Trip 106.5, Price: $2.599, Gal: 2.572, Cost: $6.68

Then Dove Creek, Colorado, the first Colorado town and seat of Dolores County.
Time: 1:12/2:12, Trip 25.2

Another Colorado berg is named Cohone.
A very small town, but it did push my courage meter up a notch or two.
Time: 1:30/2:30, Trip: 34.8


In Cortez, Colorado, I fueled the bike since I didn't know when the next opportunity might be
and stopped at the Burger to fuel myself for very much the same reason.

Cortez Conoco: Time: 2:01/3:01, Trip 60.2, Odometer: 23,917
Price: $2.519, Gal: 1.222, Cost $3.08

I was at the furthest point East in my tour.
I headed Southwest on Highway 160 toward the Four Corners.

Okay, I was warned.  The same person who told me about the Arches NP told me
that at the Four Corners, there's absolutely no "there" there and it is always hot and windy.

The Four Corners actually is on Indian land and they charge for going to see it.
The monument itself consists of a raised platform with granite inlays.
There is a raised wooden platform from which you can look down for photos.
The entire area is surrounded by little shops hawking their wares.

One thing, though, is that these were the only signs I would encounter for New Mexico state.

Time 3:25/4:25, Trip 38.7


From the Four Corners, I wandered a while and stopped at the Red Mesa Trading Post
for a map check and to see if I was lost yet.
Time: 3:51/4:51, Trip: 60.3, Temp: hot

I'm a little confused as to time.  I thought Arizona didn't do the daylight savings time bit.
So that when California is on DST, Arizona is on the same time.
Clocks in the stores seem to be an hour ahead of my watch.

Continuing along Highway-160 for some ways, the first "big" town is Kayenta, Arizona
I stopped in at McDonald's for a drink, a bite and a bit of rest.
Time: 4:44-5:21, Trip: 116.0

Fueled up at the Kayenta Chevron
Time: 5:28/6:28, Trip: 117.0, Odometer: 24,030, Price: $2.569, Gal: 3.050, Cost: $7.84


Decided to push on to Tuba City, Arizona.  It was a very long, hot, empty 70 miles further.

While wandering around town, all three blocks of it, there were police vehicles gathered
at an intersection along with an ambulance.  Some poor guy was on his back, being loaded,
seemingly not too hurt, with his shiny Dyna Harley with a badly twisted front fender.
Looked like two vehicles trying to occupy the same space at the same time.
Usually doesn't work all that well.

Checked out the Quality Inn, they wanted $85 plus tax for a second floor room.  Too much.

Fueled up at the Super Gas, asked them about motels, advised Dine' Inn.
Time: 6:38/7:38, Trip 72.9, Odometer: 24,107, Price: $2.589, Gal: 1.702, Cost: $4.41

Got a room, #108, with key #8, and it looked adequate for $54.
Little town, highway, long ways until next town, no competition, high price,
at least for what I got, but workable.

Supper at the Sonic Drive-In.  Chili-dog which was remarkably without flavor but filling.


Progress for the day: 497 miles in about 11 hours, 50 minutes.
For the trip so far: 1,852 miles in about 41 hours on the road
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