Myron's Ride To Utah
Day 4, Monday May 23rd, 2005

The trip through the Nevada desert has taken it's toll on Lola, my bike.

The rear tire, which I thought was marginal but would make the trip, has worn
much more than expected and I'm not comfortable relying on it for the remainder of the trip.
I'm guessing that 85-90 MPH through the desert heat wears the tire more than normal.

Also, the oil reservoir has been foaming.  This makes the oil ooze out the fill spout
and coat the right rear of the bike.  Now, oil on mechanical parts is generally a good thing.
However, some of those mechanical parts are the rear brake.  Oops, bad!

Change of plans.  Orem, just North of Provo, has a Harley Davidson dealer
whose service department is open on Monday.

I added a day to my itinerary to get Lola to the bike doctor.
A very nice dealership.  They were able to do the tire and the brakes in about 2-1/2 hours.
I just wandered around the neighborhood and grabbed a bite to eat.

Monarch Harley Davidson
350 W. 800 North, Orem, UT 85057

Time: 9:09/10:09 to 11:26/12:26, Trip 53.4-55.1, Odometer: 23225

They topped off the fuel tank, washed the bike, and I think they
adjusted the clutch.  Real nice treatment.

No Progress today, but added 24 miles to and from Monarch.

For the trip so far: 984 miles in 19 on the road

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