Humboldt County Lost Coast Day 4 Thursday August 24, 2017

Today starts in Eureka
And finishes in Ukiah
Riding the Avenue of the Giants Through the Redwoods

Places Visited Along The Way, Photos, and Notes
Fortunately, Jason is pretty much fine.
The only soreness is in the joint of his right thumb
probably jammed it pretty good during his tumble
We arrived at Redwood Harley-Davidson  before they opened
The service department heard our tale of woe and went into action
The engine guard (crash bar) on Jason's bike was bent
to the point that the gear shift lever was hard to reach
Long story short, they had a new part and mounted it
in about an hour and a half

While waiting, we met some real nice people
One couple was from Texas by way of Mississippi and Idaho
Another couple was from Massachusetts
We gassed up and were on the road before ten o'clock
Loleta was our first stop.
Loleta Cheese Factory.  As always it was great fun

Out in back, they have a fantastic garden with many
conversation areas for people to sit and enjoy

A real highlight for me was meeting Bob, the founder and owner
He taught agriculture at Eureka High School

One day, a student asked him how they make cheese
Bob answered he did not know and sent him off to buy a book
One thing led to another and the Cheese Factory was born
We swung off US-101 onto the Avenue of the Giants
This is the old 101 winding through the redwoods
After about half an hour of this, Jason thought
he had probably seen enough twisty roads through the redwoods for now
At last, I found what I was looking for Williams Grove
While I was growing up, my family would often picnic here

Romping through the virgin readwood forest
and swimming in the Eel river, great memories
There was a nice woman there who shared a bit of her story
She is currently living in her car with her
14 year old dog and her 4 month old cat
She was well dressed and clean.  Jason offered her some money
but she refused and told us that she was a pot grower and
had amassed a good deal of money and was looking to move
somewhere and buy a place
Next stop was Garberville

For lunch at the Eel River Cafe

The Legend of Big Foot just north of Richardson Grove State Park
is a schlocky tourist trap which is always worth a stop
The highway now bypasses Willits so we turned off for a visit
We arrived just as the high school was letting out
so the road was crowded

There is a bookstore full of fun stuff
and then we headed across the street for home made ice cream

at the J.D.Redhouse Mercantile
Ukiah has a dealer Gunnink`s Harley-Davidson
Last time I visited, they had just changed ownership and
had not yet gotten shirts, chips or dealer pin
They have them now, and so do I

They have a large number of great old Harleys
We checked into the Best Western Orchard Inn
Then walked up the street for a pretty good Chinese buffet

The Route Today

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