Humboldt County Lost Coast Day 1 Monday August 21, 2017


Today starts in San Jose, CA
And finishes in Fort Bragg, CA
Over the Golden Gate Bride and up Highway-1

Places Visited Along The Way, Photos, and Notes
Sunday night as we prepared for out trip,
our bikes were warm and snug in my garage

Monday morning breakfast at Bobbi's
First stop was at the north vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge

We both enjoyed the view
Although the city was fogged in

The statue of the lone sailer
We rode through Stinson Beach  but it was too crowded to stop
At Point Reyes Station, we stopped for a short sit and a cup of coffee
Bodega Bay, of course for the "Birds"

We lunched at the The Birds Cafe

All up CA=1 they were addressing last Winter's storm damage
Many stretches of one-lane road with stop and wait at each end
Point Arena for a quick stop and a bottled water
Time and the Maiden Statue on top of the old bank building
The maiden is shown toiling representing life is hard work
The angel of death figure with the sword represents that life is fleeting

Jason, naturally was interested in the local fire department

You can take the old fireman out of the fire house
But you can't take the fire house out of the old fireman

There was no one home so we could not see inside
Fort Bragg
Noyo Harbor North Harbor Drive

Dinner: fish and chips and good beer at the
North Coast Brewing Company 444 N Main St
And, we stayed at
Best Western Vista Manor Lodge 1100 N Main St 707-954-4776
Very large place, multiple buildings
entirely adequate

The Route Today

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