Humboldt County Lost Coast Day 3 Wednesday August 23, 2017

Today starts in Eureka
And finishes in Eureka
Round Trip up the coast to Crescent City

Places Visited Along The Way, Photos, and Notes
Woke up in the Quality Inn Eureka Redwoods Area
and took a walking tour of downtown
First stop is the world famous Carson Mansion - The Ingomar Club

It was built at the turn of the 20th century by a local lumber tycoon.
Since the middle of the last century, it has been the home
of the Ingomar club, an exclusive business man's organization
It is very private, no non-members allowed
It is one of the most photographed homes in the US if not the world
Walking around, we viewed several familiar places

Growing up, Eureka had three theaters within a couple blocks of one another
The Eureka, the State, and the Rialto
They were all three in the 30's style of a grand theater.
High ceilings, dramatic beams and scultures, large chandeliers
There was no time when all three we operating, always only two
The Rialto is long gone, but the Ereka and the State survive

The old Eureka Public Library and the poshest place in town, the Eureka Inn

The Downtown Post Office and federal building still operates
Entry interior double doors

Old brass post office boxes and attendent windows
Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe  is a new business
coffee and light snacks with a motorcycle theme

Busy, I hope they make a go of it
First stop was Redwood Harley-Davidson 
I am adding water bottle carriers to the saddlebag guards
like I had on my previous bike
San Jose HD only had the left one

Fortunately, Redwood HD had one for the right side
So I bought it and mounted it.  I am now symetrical again
Heading up the coast, the plan is to stay on US-101
There is a lot to see and the ride is enjoyable
We stopped in Orick at the Palm Cafe
I have been there before and it is, at best, passible
So bad that it is really fun to experience

Jason had a piece of mediocre  pie and
I had some bad coffee and wheat toast
These photos are actually from a past visit, I took none today
Trees of Mystery with statues of Paul Bunyon and Babe
A must stop for the past 50 years
schlocky tourist shop with a neat museum of Indian relics

We reached Crescent City but it was too foggy to take photos or to sight see.
We asked a local person and they recommended the
Chart Room Restaurant

It was very good and very popular
Right on the harbor with large windows along one side

Sea lions were out sunning themselves on rafts just outside
Heading back south to Eureka there are some byways that are interesting
Two lane highways through some lesser traveled areas
Newton B Drury Scenic Pkwy through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

A few more photos of this beautiful, virgin redwood forest
shot with my better camera

We got off US-101 at Patricks Point State Park
Patrick's Point Drive Exit 734
and headed down the back road to
Speed limit 45 but the road is rough so we were doing 30-35
The road at this point is on a steep hillside with the ocean to our right
I was in the lead and coming around a gentle left curve
when all of a sudden, with no warning signs
the road was not beneath me - I was airborn
a portion, over half of the roadway width and over a bike length
had collapsed about 1-2 feet
I saw that I was going to land in gravel making control impossible
I feared that I would not be able to correct my line of travel
which was slightly diagonally down the steep slope toward the ocean
somehow, though, I was able to stay with it long enough to get across
and onto the solid ground beyond
 Man Down! Man Down!
As I looked back, I did not see the familiar headlight of Jason's bike
I stopped in the first wide spot, parked and hurried back up the hill
Jason was not so lucky and had gone down
As I approached, he had uprighted his bike and just started the engine
He had been close behind me and was not able to stop when he saw me struggling
he was able to brake some before the precipice
but was not so lucky in the gravel.
Thank goodness, he was not hurt more than perhaps a few bruises
but the engine guard on his bike is bent pretty badly
the handle bars are also bent but serviceable.

Update: In the morning after, Jason reports nothing hurt but his right thumb
His jeans and jacket were not even torn or scratched
Bike paint and saddlebags were not hurt, only the engine guard and the handlebars
We will be visiting Redwood HD as soon as they open
We limped back to Eureka and the safety of the hotel room
Tomorrow back to the Harley dealer for repairs
We walked over for dinner in the Lost Coast Brewery beer pub

This place is in the building that was once owned by a distant cousin, Raymond (Ray) Wallace
He had a business called "Everybody's Furniture Mart"
My father worked for Raymond selling furniure and appliances for a year or two.

The Route Today

Visitor Comments
2017-08-27James W.Damn! Way to hang in there, Jason!

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