Humboldt County Lost Coast Day 2 Tuesday August 22, 2017

Today starts in Fort Bragg
And finishes in Eureka
Visiting much of the Lost Coast

Places Visited Along The Way, Photos, and Notes
Fort Bragg
Best Western Vista Manor Lodge 1100 N Main St
From the outside looked a bit iffy, but is actually very nice

The breakfast area is roomy and well laid out

Behind the motel is a very long railroad tressle, no longer in use

Heading up CA-1 north was foggy but spectacular
On the coast

Westport Community Store 24980 Abalone St

Taking photos of the ocean, spectacular view
although fog made it difficult to capture with a camera

Someone in Westport made a fiberglass whale
large enough so you can walk into it and pretend to be Jonah

The ride up the coast and over the three mountain ridges from the coast inland
was as good a ride as anyone could wish for
In Leggett we stopped at the Drive Thru Tree

Redwoods like moisture.
Riding into the property, the road was very wet, muddy and slippery
As I moved my bike into the tree,
the rear tire fish-tailled rather remarkably and
I had visions of getting all muddy
Fortunately, I was able to keep upright, but it was exciting
Confusion Hill has been a road-side tourist attraction
for as long as I can remember (more than 55 years)
Unfortunately, the highway has now moved about 1,000 yards from them
rather than directly in front.  So business is way, way down
I fear for their future
We stopped in Redway at the The Lost French Man restaurant

Wea each had a meatball sandwich that was terrific
The plan at this point was to go back over to the ocean
and ride the lost coast up through Honeydew, Capetown, etc
a total of about 80 miles of very poor roads.
I tried to program Honeydew into the bike's GPS,
but it adamantly insisted that it did not know of any such place
So I thought I would just follow the roads I remembered

When we found ourselves in Shelter Cove, I knew we had come too far
and missed a turnoff somewhere.
I asked for directions in the general store
and the fellow strongly did not recommend we try that on motorcycles
There was at least one stretch of dirt road and the pavement was really bad

Plan "B"  We headed the 19 miles back to the highway and headed north
We were still about 60 miles south of Eureka
Finally, we reached Ferndale

First stop was the Mind's Eye Coffee Shop
Good coffee and a bit of sweet bread

The little town is full of Victorian style architecture
The building on the left above is the famous Gingerbread House BnB

Main Street is full of picturesque store fronts
The only gas station in town is a single above ground tank
and an old gas pump with mechanical numbers
The post office has the old style, brass post office boxes

Jason, naturally, is always interested in fire stations
Ferndale Fire Department is both 436 and 436 Brown St
They cover the entire surrounding areas as well as the town
We drove by the Humboldt County Fairgrounds in Ferndale
but the annual Humboldt County Fair opens tomorrow
so there were no public activities going on today
In Eureka, we checked into the Quality Inn Eureka Redwoods Area
The room is very nice.
For dinner we headed over the bridges to Samoa
to eat at the Samoa Cookhouse

Tonight's fare was ham and fried chicken, and all the trimmings

Served family style, all you can eat
The waits people and the kitchen staff really hustled
It is always good food and great fun

The Route Today

Visitor Comments
2017-08-27James W.The satellite view of the coast along Fort Bragg shows the white water generated by the large number of small rock islands. Glad you were not travelling by boat.

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