My Second Trek to the Midwest
Day 1, Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home in San Jose, California to Cottage Grove, Oregon
Day's Route Overview:
Started from home and planned to make Roseburg, Oregon.  When I reached there, I was not ready to quit for the day;  thinking that continuing on may allow me to sleep in tomorrow morning.

It started out being a comfortable day on the cool side but I knew it would warm up soon.  When I got to Oregon, though, it got down right cool.  No precipitation, so I guess I'm thankful for an acceptable day to start out.

Planned ~500 miles, Actual: 561

Starting out: Trip / Odometer / Time: 0.8 / 38,895 / 7:05 AM PDT

First stop is at the Cordelia, California Burger King.  It is located at the junction of Highways 680 and 80 about 45 miles West of Sacramento.  This has become a tradition for me whenever I head this way either by bike or by car.  It started way back when I was leading a team working a project for CalTrans in Sacramento and we used to carpool up there.  Cordelia seemed like a good distance for a rest stop and  bite to eat.
Vacaville, California has a Harley Dealership and I need a dealer's pin. Iron Steed Harley-Davidson, 100 Auto Center Drive Vacaville, California 95687  Open Tuesday thru Sunday,

I wanted to get a "V" city photo here at the dealership!  They are closed Sundays.  The dealer directory is wrong.
Not only that, but the dealership has no sign that lists the city, Vacaville, or even the dealership name. Bummer!  No picture for me for "V".

Willows, California is a reasonable place to stop for rest and fuel.  It is also a "W" city.  I planned on getting a photo of the post office: Willows Post Office, 315 W. Sycamore Street, Willows, Ca 95988.

But, on approaching the town, they have a city information totem pole sign that was more interesting.

Note the nice photo of my thumb.

Look in the photo at the water level in the irrigation canal running under the road.

I swear that it looks like the level of the water is higher than the surface of the road..

Redding, California has a Harley Dealer Redding Harley-Davidson and I need a pin, but they're not open on Sunday. 1268 Twin View Blvd Redding, California 96003  Open Monday thru Saturday,
I stopped at a rest stop on the north end of Lake Shasta.

Behind the stop is a finger of the lake.  The water is green with algae.

Last year, as I rode across the southern states, I noticed a lot of rest stops were designated
"Blue Star Memorial Highway".  This one is as well.

I wonder if it is just the women's room that is under video surveillance.

And, by the way, no skate boarding allowed in there!

Yreka, California is a good opportunity to get my "Y" letter city.

I've been here before and there is a fireman statue with a doggy that does very nicely.

Yreka Fire Department, 401 W. Mine  Street,  Yreka, California 96097
Yreka Post Office, 401 S. Broadway, Yreka, California 96097

I was able to get a photo of the brass man and dog in front of the fire station.

It appears that the Yreka Police Department is a room in the town library.

Jackson County Sheriff Office, 787 W 8th St, Medford, Oregon 97501

I found the place all right, but the best sign for a photo was under a No Parking sign.

I thought it not good to park in a no parking zone right in front of the sheriff's office.

But I did get a reasonable Jackson County picture.

Medford, Oregon has a Harley Dealership D&S Harley-Davidson and I need a dealer's pin.
3846 S Pacific Hwy Medford, Oregon 97501 Open Monday thru Sunday,

It turns out that the dealership is actually in Phoenix, Oregon which is South of Medford.

I had to backtrack a few miles.  But, they were open and I did get my pin and a t-shirt besides.

Roseburg, Oregon has a Harley Dealer and I need a pin, but they're not open on Sunday or Monday.  2675 NW Edenbower Blvd Roseburg, Oregon 97479 Open Tuesday thru Saturday  Note: they are no longer open

I had planned to stay the night in Roseburg, but when I got there, I was not ready to quit for the day. It was still early and light out and I chose to ignore the fatigue in my poor butt and keep pushing on.

I finally ended up in a Comfort Inn in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

As I was returning from dinner, I ran into a guy also with a bike, a sports Suzuki
"Where you riding from?" says I.  "Reno"  "That's a long way."
"Where you from?" "San Jose"  "That's a long way, too."

Done for the day: Trip / Odometer / Time: 51.3 / 39,456 /7:00 PM

ABC Letters: Cities: W, Y; Counties: D, G, J; States: Oregon

Day's Totals: 561 miles, 11 hours 55 minutes
Trip Totals: 561 miles, 11 hours 55 minutes

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