Ride to the Midwest Overview
June 24 - July 11, 2007

The end-points listed below are as planned,
Actual stopping points sometimes varied as shown on the daily pages.
Click on each day's date below to see details of that day's ride.
Day 01, Sunday, June 24
San Jose, CA to
Cottage Grove, OR
561 miles ridden
Day 02, Monday, June 25
Cottage Grove, OR to
Portland, OR
139 miles ridden
Day 03, Tuesday, June 26
Visited folks in
Portland, OR
19 miles ridden
Day 04, Wednesday, June 27
Portland, OR to
Missoula, MT
574 miles ridden
Day 05, Thursday, June 28
Missoula, MT to
Billings, MT
383 miles ridden
Day 06, Friday, June 29
Billings, MO to
Mount Rushmore, SD
412 miles ridden
Day 07 Saturday, June 30
Mount Rushmore, SD to
Jamestown, ND
470 miles ridden
Day 08, Sunday, July 1
Jamestown, ND to
Eau Claire, WI

442 miles ridden
Day 09, Monday, July 2
Eau Claire, WI to
Remington, IN

454 miles ridden
Day 10, Tuesday, July 3
Remington, IN to
Bloomington, IN

144 miles ridden

Total Outbound: 3,599 miles

Day 11, Wednesday, July 4
Visiting folks in
Bloomington, IN
3 Miles ridden
Day 12, Thursday, July 5
Bloomington, IN to
Evansville, IN
340 miles ridden
Day 13, Friday, July 6
Evansville, IN to
Lawrence, KS
493 miles ridden
Day 14, Saturday, July 7
Topeka, Ks to
York, NE
330 miles ridden
Day 15, Sunday, July 8
York, NE to
Laramie, WY
466 miles ridden
Day 16, Monday, July 9
Laramie, WY
Salt Lake City, UT
408 miles ridden
Day 17, Tuesday, July 10
Salt Lake City, UT to
Lovelock, NV
422 miles ridden
Day 18, Wednesday, July 11
Lovelock, NV to
San Jose, CA
360 miles ridden

Total Homeward: 2,822 miles

East and West Bound Route Maps

Total Trip Miles: 6,378

Some Trip Statistics
Starting Odometer 38,890 Current Odometer 45,489
Days 18 Total Miles 6,599
Time in Saddle 156 hours, 38 minutes Miles / Day 412
Avg. Time / Day 9 hours 57 minutes Avg. MPH 41.79
Gals. Gas 169.183 Gas Cost $545.68
Gas Mileage 39.01 Gas Cost / Day $34.11
Cheapest Gas $2.929 Bloomington, IN Costliest Gas $3.739 York, NE
Average Gas Price $3.225 Harley Dealer T-Shirts 18
() non-riding days (#3 & #11) are not included in averages, () premium gasoline,
() time per day and average speed are overall and include stops

My 2007 ABC's of Touring

This trip has completed. I was able to update these pages nightly so my progress could be tracked.
I would like to commend my HP laptop for surviving the harsh treatment on this trip.
I also wish to express my appreciation to the following data sources:
Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google

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