Our Trip through
Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon

Daily Pages with Photos and Notes From Along the Way:

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Bryce Canyon N.P. Day 1
June 18
Bay Area to L.A.
Day 2
June 19
no riding,
visiting with Carol's family
Day 3
June 20
L.A. thru the Mohave Desert to Boulder City. NV
Day 4
June 21
Hoover Dam then on to Hurricane, UT
Day 5
June 22
Zion N.P.
then Cedar City, UT
Day 6
June 23
Bryce Canyon
then on to Beaver, UT
Day 7
June 24
Beaver, UT to Delta and finally to Provo

Day 8
June 25
Provo, UT to
Brigham City and on to Burley, ID
Day 9
June 26
Spent the day in Burley, ID
Day 10
June 27
Burley, ID to Boise and on to Ontario, OR
Day 11
June 28
Ontario, OR to Bend
Day 12
June 29
Bend, OR thru Eugene to Florence, OR
Day 13
June 30
Spent the day in Florence and visited Sea Lions Cave
Day 14
July 1
Florence, OR down the coast to Crescent City, CA
Day 15
July 2
Crescent City down 101 thru Eureka to Garberville
Day 16
July 3
Garberville down Hwy-1 thru the Lost Coast to Fort Bragg
Day 17
July 4
Stayed in Fort Bragg, rode the Skunk Train
Day 18
July 5
Fort Bragg south thru the Anderson Valley and to home.
Florence, Oregon

Some Trip Statistics
Starting Odometer: 18,035  End Odometer: 21,076
    Total Distance: 3,041 miles
Days on the road: 18 Average Distance per Day: 169 miles
Total Fuel Cost: $348.49 Total Fuel Used: 85.4 gallons
Number of Fill Ups: 21 Average Fuel Fill-Up 4.1 gallons
Fuel Usage per Day: 4.7 gallons Average MPG: 35.6
Costliest Fuel: $5.199 - Nipton, CA Cheapest Fuel: $3.799 - Brigham City, UT
    Average Fuel Price: $4.082
HD T-Shirts: 11 HD Dealer Pins: 9

Pre-ride Planning Overview
Look to daily pages above for details of route as ridden.
Segments were not be directly related to day's travels,
but are reference points for organizing trip information.
Trip Route Segments
Segment End Points Miles Total
from San Jose, CA to Westlake Village, CA 369 369
Westlake VIllage, CA to Las Vegas, NV 310 679
Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, UT 564 1,243
Salt Lake City, UT to Boise, ID 370 1,613
Boise, ID to Coos Bay, OR 588 2,201
Coos Bay, OR to Eureka, CA 223 2,424
Eureka, CA to San Jose, CA 320 2,744

Click on the above segment listings for a more detailed description of the cities and sights along that segment.
(see daily pages above for actual route and deviations from the pre-ride plans)

Harley-Davidson Dealers Along the Way
List of Cities & Counties for Letters

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