Route 66 and Lincoln Highway Exploration
May 15 - 31, 2010

An Exploration of
America's historical cross-country highways.

Some cities we passed through:
Some Cities We Went Through Heading West to East
from  miles to
home 380 Barstow, California
Barstow, California 206 Kingman, Arizona
Kingman, Arizona 148 Flagstaff, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona 58 Winslow, Arizona
Winslow, Arizona 128 Gallup, New Mexico
Gallup, New Mexico 140 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 288 Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo, Texas 259 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 106 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma 182 Springfield, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri 217 St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri 10 East St. Louis, Illinois
Some Cities We Went Through Heading East to West
from  miles to
East St. Louis, Illinois 10 St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis Missouri 250 Kansas City, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas 269 Hays, Kansas
Hays, Kansas 341 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado 323 Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado 70 Grand Junction, Colorado
Grand Junction, Colorado 244 Salina, Utah
Salina, Utah 224 Ely, Nevada
Ely, Nevada 257 Fallon, Nevada
Fallon, Nevada 62 Carson City, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada 141 Sacramento, California
Sacramento, California 127 home
Day-By-Day Ride Log
(click for daily log)
Over Night Location
(click for city information)
Saturday May 15 Barstow, CA arrived intact. Hot, Nice restaurant, inexpensive motel
Sunday May 16 Kingman, AZ Amboy CA, and Oatman AZ with the wild mules, even less expensive motel, no wifi
Monday May 17 Winslow, AZ Breakfast with Philipe, Walk around Kingman, Seligman, Standing on the corner
Tuesday May 18 Gallup, NM Winslow AZ, Jackrabit Trading Post, Holbrook AZ, Petrified Forest, Gallup NM
Wednesday May 19 Santa Rosa, NM  Albuquerque NM, trouble with the bike, broke down twice, fixed at dealership, Santa Rosa NM
Thursday May 20 Amarillo, TX Tucumcari NM, Adrian TX, Vega TX,
Friday May 21 Chandler, OK Headed to OK, went to OKC Bombing Memorial, very moving, headed up 66
Saturday May 22 Springfield, MO Small Towns Along Rt-66, Touched Kansas, on into Missouri
Sunday May 23 Warrenton, MO Rolled through St. Louis and got lost in East St. Louis, IL
Monday May 24 Kansas City, MO A fairly easy day across Missouri, stop at HD dealer in Kansas City, got a new front tire
Tuesday May 25 Salina, KS HD Mfg Plant Tour. Wamego Oz Museum.  Italian Restaurant in Salina -- Martinelli`s Little Italy
Wednesday May 26 Colby, KS Day shortened by rain at Colby
Thursday May 27 Evergreen, CO I-70 Diner, Garden of the Gods, Castle Rock, up thru Denver and starting west
Friday May 28 Fruita, CO Headed west on I-70, beautiful day, fabulous scenery but heavy, gusty winds.
Saturday May 29 Ely, NV Went across the width of the state of Utah and into Nevada
Sunday May 30 South Lake Tahoe, CA We planned on staying in Carson City, NV, but decided to keep going
Monday May 31 Home We made it!
Some Trip Statistics
  Days: 17  
Starting Odometer: 8,581 End Odometer: 13,425
Total Distance: 4,844 miles Average Distance per Day: 285 miles
Total Fuel Cost: $370.87 Total Fuel Used: 119.6 gallons
Number of Fill Ups: 33 Average Fuel Fill-Up 3.6 gallons
Fuel Usage per Day: 6.6 gallons Average MPG: 40.5
Costliest Fuel: $3.899 - Needles, CA Cheapest Fuel: $2.639 - Sweet Springs, MO
Average Fuel Price: $3.101    
Total Motel Cost: $1,343.78 Average Motel Cost: $83.99
Costliest Room: $145.90 - South Lake Tahoe, CA Cheapest Room: $40.23 - Kingman, AZ
HD T-Shirts: 6 HD Dealer Pins: 20

I took many photos to add to my yearly ABC's of touring:  My HOG ABC Letters for 2010

It is always good to know about the Harley-Davidson Dealerships along the way
Information Resources I have Used:
State and Local Government National Association of Counties Legends of America wikipedia
home town locator the road wanderer Yahoo Maps

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