The Bell on the Bike

You may have noticed a small bell adorning some people's motorcycle.  It is there as more than just a decoration, it serves a very important function.

There are gremlins and demons that live on the road and love to hitch rides on an unprotected motorcycle.  These imps are invisible and are bent on evil tricks and general harm for you and your bike.  They are usually at the heart of otherwise unexplained mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, unseen road hazards, and all sorts of other problems.  They loosen bolts and nuts, foul critical adjustments, bite through electrical insulation, and flex parts until the metal can no longer hold its integrity.  Worse yet, they throw their invisible lightning bolts in front of your path causing disastrous bumps and potholes intended to throw the inattentive biker from the saddle.

Fortunately, there is one vulnerability that can thwart these evil guys.  It turns out they hate bells.  The constant tinkling of a bell on a motorcycle drives their sensitive little pointy ears to distraction.  They loose their grip and fall from the bike before they can effect their evil plans.  They must then wait and hope for another, unwary motorcyclist to happen their way.

Since these gremlins use magic to cause harm, a more powerful magic, love can double the protection of the bell.  If a bell has been given to a biker, the love of the gift and the obvious concern by another for the biker's safety doubles the power of the bell over these evil characters.

So, if your bike is unprotected, get a bell.  Better yet, explain this story to a friend and perhaps, if they are truly a friend, they will make a gift of a bell to you.  Should you see a biker without the protection of a bell, be their benefactor by giving a gift of a bell to protect them in their travels.

Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 09:25:59 AM