Rides to Collect Local ABC Letters, 2019
I'm collecting points for my 2019 HOG ABC's
Each new calendar year, I start over with a blank slate.
In past years, weatherr permitting, I have gethered my first few letters on New Year's Day
The last few years, HOG has not published a magazine cover
until the second or third week in January

Today, I called HOG support and asked when they would be putting a cover on line
The nice agent said 1/16/2019 but she could email a PDF to me so that I could print it out and start
I printed it and laminated my copy and headed out the door

As fate would have it, about an hour later, the 2019 HOG Touring Handbook arrived in the mail
Monday January 7
Beautiful day, first ride of the year to collect letters
First stop was Los Gatos Post Office

Then Monte Sereno City Hall

Last photo today is the Saratoga Post Office

It was getting evening traffic time so I came home after only a short ride
It's forecast for rain for the next 6-7 days so this is it for a while
Sunday January 13
An afternoon between rainy days, so I headed out for the Southern East Bay to collect letters

First stop was at the Alviso Post Office

Second stop was Newark Civic Center

Further north is Union City
I intended a photo at the post office, but a truck was parked
blocking a photo opportunity.  Took a photo at a city park

Over to Fremont and the City Hall

Last stop of the day was at the Alameda Superior Court