Visiting The South Central States
This trip starts with a plane ride to San Antonio, Texas where I rent a motorcycle
Head over to the gulf and ride the coast as far as Florida
Up north to Montgomery, Birmingham, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas,
and then back to San Antonio to head home

The timing for this trip seemed like a good idea at the time
But, Mother Nature can be a fickle lady
The entire southern course of my planned ride route
Has been plagued with flooding of biblical proportions.
I will have to reschedule for a later time

(link to a weather article)
Check back from time to time, perhaps this fall...

These pages show preliminary planning and will certainly undergo many changes
prior to and even during my riding on this adventure
Check back often as this trip progresses to see how it goes.

Daily Pages
These Day-By-Day pages will contain detailed maps, photos and notes.
Click on any day to see the details.
This trip is in the planning phase, these daily target end points will adjust as events dictate.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Day 1 - June 10
Fly to San Antonio
Day 2- June 11
Rent a bike and ride to
Corpus Christi

157 miles
Day 3 - June 12
ride to Houston, via Galveson

298 miles
Day 4- June 13
ride to
Baton Rouge, LA

276 miles
Day 5 - June 14
ride to
New Orleans and Slidell, LA

114 Miles
Day 6 - June 15
ride to
Fort Waldon Beach, FL

223 miles
Day 7 - June 16
ride to
Birminham, AL

253 miles
Day 8 - June 17
ride to
Memphis, TN

255 miles
Day 9 - June 18
ride to
Texarkana, AK

295 miles
Day 10 - June 19
ride to
Hillsboro, TX

296 miles
Day 11 - June 20
ride to
San Antonio
and return bike

219 miles
Day 12 - June 21
Fly Home
Mileages shown are per Google Maps routing information

Throughout these pages, clicking on the names of cities or points of interest
 will display additional information from my Touring Information Database.

Planned Route Around The South Central States
The maps on these pages can be recentered or zoomed.

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Information Sources
Google Maps Wikipedia
My Touring Information Database My Ride Reports

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