Visiting The South Western States

My route took me through twelve states and covered a large area of the Continental U.S.
Best ridden in the late Spring before the hottest weather through the deserts
but after the coldest weather over the Rockies.
This year, it was already very hot in the desert, but still too cold to go through Denver
I roasted and then I froze.  All in all, great fun.

These Day-By-Day pages contain Notes, Photos, and Maps
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           Day 1, May 4
San Jose, CA to
Tehachapi, CA

Day 2, May 5
Tehachapi, CA to
Kingman, AZ

Day 3, May 6
Kingman, AZ to

Holbrook, AZ
Day 4, May 7
Holbrook, AZ to Santa Rosa,NM

Day 5, May 8
Santa Rosa, OK to Shanrock, TX

Day 6, May 9
Shamrock, TX to
Tulsa, OK

Day 7, May 10
Tulsa, OK to Grandview, MO

Day 8, May 11
Grandview, MO to
Omaha, NE

Day 9, May 12
Omaha, NE to
North Platte, NE

Day 10, May 13
North Platte, NE to
Cheyenne, WY

Day 11, May 14
Cheyenne, WY to Evanston, WY

Day 12, May 15
Evanston, WY to
Elko, NV

Day 13, May 16
Elko, NV to

Fernly, NV
Day 14, May 17
Fernley, NV to Home

Mileages shown are per Google Maps but, of course, were higher as I rode this route

Favorite Things:
I am often asked after one of my trips "What was your favorite thing?"
That is a little like asking a parent their favorite child.
I prefer to suggest that I have experienced many highlights and among them are:
Oatman and the Burros Day 2
Seligman and the Car Show Day 3
National Museum of Nuclear Science Day 4
Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum Day 7
Strategic Air & Space Museum Day 9
The two Largest Union Pacific Locomotives Day 10
Some Summary Statistics:
Total Days: 14 Total Miles 4,194
Motel Nights 13 Average Miles Per Day 299.6
Motel Total $1,479.47 Average Motel Per Night $113.81
Gas Total $266.38 Average Gas Per Day $19.03
T-Shirts Purchased 24 Total Spent on Shirts I don't want to know
Some Why Questions:
Why did I choose this route? These are some places I have visited in the past and enjoyed.
Why this distance? I wanted to spend about two weeks on the road
250-300 miles per day seems comfortable
Why this time? I was hoping for good weather in the desert and over the mountains
Also, I wanted to go before school let out
Starting day of the week was totally arbitrary
Why visit so many HD dealers I enjoy talking to people from all over
I automatically have something in common with people at the dealerships
Why do this at all? I enjoy being on the road.
I wanted to see if I can still do this kind of thing
I believe that mental and physical challenges help keep us young

Route Ridden Around The South West
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Information Sources And Lists That I Have Used To Plan This Trip
Google Maps Wikipedia
TripAdvisor RoadsideAmerica
The Route-66 Road Trippers Route-66 Tour
My Touring Information Database 2017 HOG ABCs of Touring
City Letter Score Card County Letter Score Card
States Visited On This Trip Harley-Davidson Dealer List

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