Ride to Isleton, June 20, 2016

I'm collecting points for my 2016 HOG ABC's
This ride I headed up into the Sacramento River Delta

There are not many cities in this area that begin with "I" or "O"
Oh sure, there's Oakland, but that is boring.

First stop was at the Starbuck's in Livermore
A refreshing iced coffee-mocha-frappuccino

Next I headed north from Livermore on Vasco Road
Everywhere along the tops of the hills were windmills

I headed up to the town of Oakley
In order to take a photo of the Oakley City Hall,
I parked in a red zone hoping I would be quick enough to not cause a problem
While I was there, a cop drove by and looked me over.
I guess he figured I was harmless and he moved on.

From Oakley, I headed up CA-160 over the Antioch Bridge into the Delta

At the intersection of CA-160 and CA-12 is a produce stand
at which I have stopped several times in the past.
Unfortunately, their offerings were not very attractive and I moved on

Next stop, a mere 5 miles further northeast is the little town of Isleton
I usually have taken my yearly photos at the post office
However, when I got there, all the parking spots were filled
So I wandered around town and what-do-you-know I found the City Hall and the Fire Department

Much more interesting than the post office

I walked out on the pier on the river
Some folks were enjoying a picnic

and then the length of Main Street (two blocks)
Then sat down for a tuna sandwich and a coke at the Delta Cafe

Then back down CA-4 to Livermore and a stop at the HD Dealer
I spoke with salesman Bret for some time about a new Ultra Limited.  Sigh...

It was another very nice ride.