Ride to Knights Landing, April 16, 2016

I'm collecting points for my 2016 HOG ABC's
This seems like a good time to try to get some difficult city letters: "K", "W", "Y", "Z"
This is the same route I rode last year for the same reason.

It is a fun thing to take a long-ish ride up to Knights Landing
a small town just east of where I-5 meets the terminus of I-505

Heading north o I-680, my first stop was at Contra Costa County Animal Services
So I could take a photo for a "C" county.

Then on to Vacaville for a city "V" at the post office

Next stop was the tiny town of Zamora for a "Z"
It lies just south of where I-505 joins I-5
They have a nice little Post Office, a fire station, and a town hall
From Zamora, it is just about 11 miles east to Knights Landing likewise with a small Post Office

From there, I headed just about directly south to Yolo for another Post Office

Next I headed to Woodland, seat of Yolo County
I found a good place for a convenient photo at the Yolo County Fairgrounds
Then over to the Woodland Police Department for a "W" photo
For this photo, I had to park in a red zone in front of the police station.
Fortunately, the police station is closed on Saturdays


Where Highway 4 and I-680 meet, there is the little town of Pacheco
And in Pacheco is the McGuire Harley-Davidson Dealer

Then finally the long trek home. arriving just about 7:00.