Visiting The South East States
I have never motorcycled in the four states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

This trip started and ended with a plane ride to/from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Renting a motorcycle, I headed over to the Atlantic Coast.
South as far as Jacksonville, Florida, West to Birmingham, Alabama,
North to Knoxville, Tennessee and back East to Raleigh
I was able to publish photos daily on the pages below.

Daily Pages
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  May 25
Day 1
Fly to Raleigh, NC
May 26
Day 2
Rent a Bike, ride to

155 miles
May 27
Day 3
ride to
Charleston, SC

174 miles
May 28
Day 4
ride to
Savannah, GA

112 miles
May 29
Day 5
ride to
Live Oak, FL

235 miles
May 30
Day 6
ride to
Dothan, AL

195 miles
May 31
Day 7
ride to
Birmingham, AL

199 miles
June 1
Day 8
ride to
Knoxville, TN

263 miles
June 2
Day 9
ride to
Canton, NC

122 miles
June 3
Day 10
Ride to
Greensboro, NC

199 miles
June 4
Day 11
Ride to Raleigh, return the bike

90 miles
June 5
Day 12
Fly to Home
Total miles ridden
just shy of
on the odometer

In my quest to motorcycle in all 50 states, I am making good progress.
With the completion of this ride, I have achieved 47 plus DC.  Lacking AK. HA, & MI

Some of my photos were for the purposes of the Harley Owners' Group (HOG) activity, the ABC's of Touring
Each year I try to score points toward patches, pins and other prizes.  Click here for this year's progress

As I reflect, I guess that maybe my travels could be construed as a tour of Harley-Davidson Dealerships.

Followed Route Around The Southeast States (clockwise)
The maps on these pages can be recentered or zoomed.

Some Locations Planned (some not shown on above map) Miles
Raleigh, North Carolina  
Wilmington, North Carolina 133 133
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 74 207
Charleston, South Carolina 96 303
Savannah, Georgia 108 411
Jacksonville, Florida 140 551
Tallahassee, Florida 165 716
Montgomery, Alabama 210 926
Birmingham, Alabama 91 1,019
Chattanooga, Tennessee 148 1,167
Knoxville, Tennessee 112 1,279
Asheville, North Carolina 116 1,495
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 145 1,540
Raleigh, North Carolina 103 1.643
Total Planned Miles
Note: these estimates are the minimum. Actual numbers will most likely be higher

Throughout these pages, clicking on the names of cities or points of interest
 will display additional information from my Touring Information Database.

Outside Information Sources
Google Maps Wikipedia TripAdvisor
Harley-Davidson Dealers and ABC Letter Opportunities

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