2014 Trip To Washington DC
and the Surrounding Area

This trip starts with a plane ride to Washington DC.
Rent a motorcycle, ride a loop  including Deware, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Charlottesville, Richmond and Norfolk.
Then a few days of sight seeing in the Capital itself.

Daily Pages
These Day-By-Day pages will contain detailed maps, photos and notes.
Click on any day to see the details.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  April 16 - Day 1
Fly San Jose to Washington stay in
Falls Church, VA
April 17 - Day 2
Rent a bike in
Falls Church ride to
Dover, DE
99 miles
April 18 - Day 3
Ride from
Dover, DE to
Philadelphia, PA
86 miles
April 19 - Day 4
Ride from
Philadelphia, PA to
Hershey, PA
95 miles
April 20 - Day 5
Spend Easter in Hershey then
ride to York
37 miles
April 21 - Day 6
York to Gettysburg
and then to Martinsburg WV
95 miles
April 22 - Day 7
Ride from
Martinsburg, WV to
Charlottesville, VA
153 miles
April 23 - Day 8
Ride from
Charlottesville to
Norfolk, VA
164 miles
April 24 - Day 9
Ride from
Norfolk, VA to
Salisbury, MD
132 miles
April 25 - Day 10
Ride from
Salisbury, MD to
Falls Church, VA
124 miles
April 26 - Day 11
Explore the Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC
April 27 - Day 12
Visit Monuments in
Washington, DC
April28 - Day 13
Walking around the District
April 29 - Day 14
Washington, DC
April 30 - Day 15
Fly Home
Mileages shown are as planned per Google Maps routing information.
Actual total miles for the motorcycle part of the trip totalled 1,218

Planned Route Around The Capital Area
The maps on these pages can be recentered or zoomed.
If you click on "More options" above you can view the full map on Google

Some Locations Planned for The Motorcycle Portion of the Trip Miles
Falls Church, VA (a DC suburb)  
Dover, DE 99
Philadelphia, PA 80
Hershey, PA 95
York, PA 37
Gettysburg, PA 29
Martinsburg, WV 65
Charlottesville, VA 153
Norfolk, VA 164
Salisbury, MD 132
Falls Church, VA 124
Total Miles planned / actual 952 / 1,218
Throughout these pages, clicking on the names of cities or points of interest
will display additional information from my Touring Information Database.

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Information Sources I Have Used to Plan This Trip
Google Maps Wikipedia Expedia
Travelocity Best Western Hotels AAA
Choice Hotels Days Inn DC Metro Map

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