A Ride to Collect ABC Letters, Sunday March 30, 2014

I'm collecting points for my 2014 HOG ABC's.  City letters 'V', 'Y' and 'Z' are targets today.
County letters are more difficult to collect as we are surrounded by 'S' and 'M' counties,
but I can get a 'C' and a 'Y' for counties, and a couple HD dealers along the way.

I started out at about 10:15, first stop was the Contra Costa Animal Services Department.

I have used this for my "C" county letter in a couple of years past.

Next on the agenda was Vacaville for my city "V" and a HD dealership

I can get up to 10 points for visiting different dealerships
Some dealerships have their names (required for the photo) in big signs
Not so with Iron Steed Harley-Davidson.  I guess they are not proud or maybe just cheap.

Next was a trip up I-505 and a short jaunt to the east for Zamora, a "Z" city
There are only two "Z" cities anywhere near, the other being Zayante, both are very tiny.

Zamora consists of a post office, a fire station, a town hall and a few houses.

Next stop is another small town Yolo

This a little larger than Zamora being about 12 square blocks.
Not surprisingly, Yolo city is not the seat of Yolo County.  That is Woodland.

There are not all that many opportunities for a sign that says "Yolo County"
so I had to risk parking temporarily in the red zone.
In past years, I pulled up on the sidewalk to get this photo, but this year I was not so brave.

On the way up I-680, I noticed that McGuire Harley-Davidson is now in a new location
visible from the freeway.  It had previously been in Walnut Creek.

I stopped in on the way back and it is nice, open only for 9 days since moving.
They, at least, are not afraid to show their name.

From here, I headed home with a stop along the way to feed a vacationing friend's two cats.
I was able to add 7 points to this year's ABC count today, all in all a good thing.
The Google map says 260 miles, but the odometer said a bit more
So I am officially declaring this trip to have been 280 miles.