The First Ride of Spring, Saturday March 22, 2014

We set out on a ride to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

First destination was the small town of Escalon.
But, along the way on Hwy-120 is a produce stand which we have visited several times before.
It is not really the best time of year for some of their wares, but their produce is always the best.

Out front was the most beautiful little stand of tulips in perfect bloom.
The local fruit may not be in season yet, but the flowers certainly are.

In Escalon is a small, very old shop that at one time must have been an auto mechanic shop.
Now it is home of a privately run Antique Auto Museum.
Owned by a man and his wife who run it personally and very informally.

Inside is the most amazing little collection of restored cars from the 1905-1920 era.

There are Model-T Fords, a couple Maxwells, a Buick, a Cadillac

Several Model-T engines of various years on stands and California license plates going back almost a century.

Out back in a driveway is a friend's Model-A beautifully restored.  For sale if the price is right.

From Escalon, we headed south through the valley to the town of Gustine.
There is a meat shop there owned by the Wolfsen family.  Wolfsen's Meat & Sausage
Good sausages, take home or fresh made sandwiches and much more.  Turducken anyone?

From there, we headed over to the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
Carol brought some flowers to place for her uncle.  Unfortunately, they closed at 5:00 and we were late.

On the way home, we stopped at Casa De Fruta for a cup of soup, a sandwich and a slice of pie

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