A Ride up Highway-1, Sunday January 5, 2014

The weather is great, lets ride!
Highway-1 from Santa Cruz up to El Granada is one of our favorite rides.
As a side benefit, I can collect a number of HOG ABC points along the way.

First stop is the little town of Davenport
There used to be a railroad terminus here connecting to Santa Cruz.
The local cement factory has closed and the local lumber company has hit slow times.
There are three local restaurants, all good, one incorporated into a little inn.

This should be good for a city "D" point.  But, the sun is at the wrong angle and the sign is washed out.
Maybe if I am clever with PhotoShop...

Just north of the town of Davenport is a hippie-dippie little coop farm, Swanton Berry Farm,
that sells organic produce as well as jams and pastries.  We stop there often.

They offer pick-your-own for various produce when the seasons allow, Strawberries, Ollalaberries, Kiwis, and more
The second photo shows a dorm where workers reside.  The van is, I believe, that of a visitor.
That photo shows the proximity of the ocean.

From here, we rode up to Pescadero.
A photo in front of the Pescadero Post Office for a city "P"

In the town, we came across 5-6 old Volkswagens.  Vintage late 50's - early 60's

A bay area hobby group restores them and rides on short outings.
What fun!  They are beautiful, the cars not the owners.

A fairly-new this-and-that, mostly second-hand store had an interesting display in the front window

An early 60's Honda 305 Super-Hawk.  In its day, this was a Triumph and Harley killer.
Not quite as fast, but way more affordable and lotsa fun.
If you look close, you can see me in the first photo.

Next stop is Half Moon Bay for a photo in front of the ancient jail building.

A city "H" point.

Just up Hwy-1 a couple miles is the little town of El Granada
I have used the El Granada Post Office for a few years as a city "E" letter.
This town was a planned design and has pretty much kept to the plan for over 100 years.

Across from the post office is the general store.  These two pretty much comprise the downtown area.

Just up the block from the post office is a local micro-brewery the Hop Dogma Brewing Co.

They brew and serve an ever-changing array of interesting beers.
We got a couple flights to sample almost all of their brew.  Most are good, several very good.
They seem to be aging whiskey as well.  Maybe I should make a point of returning in 10 years...

From El Grenada we headed over Hwy-92 into Woodside for dinner and then home.

We are so lucky to live in an area where the weather cooperates so frequently even in the dead of Winter