A Ride on the Niles Canyon Railway, April 27, 2013

We heard that there was a fund raising event for the American Cancer Society
the Relay for Life.  This involved riding on the Niles Canyon Railway.
I like trains, and this seems like a good cause.

One end of the Niles Canyon Railway
is in Sunol

The Ticket Office.  There is also a tiny
gift shop

Soon, the train arrived from a previous

They were running a variety of
different cars

They have no convenient way to turn
the train arround, so they move the
locomotive to the opposite end
on a parallel track

Today, all the runs are for the
American Cancer Society

We waited patiently for our time to board

Fortunately, there were a couple of
troubadours for entertainment

The train rode past the equipment yard where they have a tremendous variety of surplus equipment in various states of restoration

We rode in an old coach which seems
posh even today by
airplane standards

We had the freedom of the whole train
so we took advantage of an open
car to better see the view

Wind in our face and sun on our backs
felt just fine

This fellow, one of the volunteers is
a great source of historical information

Soon, the town of Niles came into view

Niles has just restored the train depot
and it is beautiful.  Unfortunately,
it is on the wrong side of the tracks.
There is an active train track in between

The NC Railway uses a small terminal
on the correct side.

And so, we head back
from whence we came

There is a little dining counter.
Sodas and good, old-fashioned hot dogs.

The scenery is beautiful

Ding, ding, ding, ding

What a relaxing way to travel

The next set of passengers
eagerly awaiting their turn

After the train ride, we had lunch
at Sunol Railroad Cafe

Quaint, retro, and of course
lotsa photos of trains