A Serendipitous Ride, Sunday, April 21, 2013

It was a beautiful day and we had not been for a ride along the ocean for some time.
We headed up Highway-9 and then North on Skyline as we had many times before.
Stopping at Alice's Restaurant in Skylonda at the Junction of 35 and 84 for a cup of coffee and a snack.
With the nice, warm weather it was packed.  Not only us bikers, but a group of horseback riders as well.

As we leave Alice's, we continue North on Skyline to Highway-92.  Wow, really busy.  Traffic creaping toward Half Moon Bay.
Apparently, some other people also thought it was a good day to visit HMB.  It was so crowded, we did not even stop.
We planned a ride from Half Moon Bay South down the coast.
But, neither of us had been through the new tunnel that bypasses Devil's slide so from Half Moon Bay we headed North along Highway-1.
Again, huge traffic.  Maybe we don't want to come back this way.

Headed into Pacifica past Gorilla Barbeque.  Very long line out the door.  Continuing North, we turned onto Skyline.
Hmm, bright idea, let's go to the Zoo.  Again, big crowds.  All parking lots were blocked off, full.
Found a spot on Sloat that only a motorcycle could fit in.
The San Francisco Zoo, originally known as Fleishacker, is great.
Too big to really see in one day, we explored the exhibits on the west side.  We need to come back and soon to do the rest.

Doggie Diner used to be a popular
hot dog chain in the 60's and 70'
Each site had a big doggie head.
This is not the last remaining head.

Java Beach Cafe across Sloat Boulevard
from the main entrance to the zoo
A local institution for coffee and a snack

On Sloat Blvd near the main entrance

Why can't we do stuff like this today?

We saw lions and tigers and bears
Oh my

We thought he must be a rescue eagle
Majestic, nonetheless

Okay, everyone, stand on one foot

Peguins are a favorite

The rhino loves taking a bath.
He is missing a horn to protect him
from possible poaching

Leaving the zoo, Sloat runs over to 19th Avenue, but that did not appeal to me so we headed back down Skyline to Daly City
We swung over to I-280 and went down to the intersection with 92 where we picked up Canada Road.
In Woodside, we stopped at Buck's Restaurant for supper.  How fun.

From Woodside, we headed down I-280 and back to Los Gatos.
The end of an unplanned, but great day.

A (over written) - Los Gatos, B - Skylonda, C - Half Moon Bay, D - Pacifica
E - SF Zoo, F - Woodside, G - Los Gatos
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