Letter Run to Zamora, Saturday, April 13, 2013

A run north up the east side of the bay to gather letters for my ABC's
Hoping to Gather City Letters: V for Vacaville, Z for Zamora, Y for Yolo
County Letter: Y for Yolo and a HD Dealership Point for Iron Steed Harley-Davidson

First stop was a Starbucks in Cordelia.  No photos of this.
Then the Harley-Davidson dealer in Vacaville.
I get a point for the dealership visit and it can be used for the city in which it is located for another point for a "V"

Lunch was at the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters
This was featured on the Guy Fieri show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
We asked about the signature stencil that DD&D usually leaves and
the young lady at the counter was happy to go back into the office to get the poster.
In other places, DD&D paints it on a wall.

There is a yarn shop in Winters which I took a photo of for my nieces
In the window of the local chamber of commerce there is a poster for the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus
They are coming to town in May.
A couple years ago, the C&M Circus lost their license to keep elephants and other exotic animals
So now, acording to some reviews, it is much less fun.

This trek was primarily to get letters for this year's ABC's
From Winters, we headed to Zamora.  I knew that if we went north on I-505,
just before I-5 there is a turn-off to Zamora.
I programmed the GPS for Zamora and in it's menu it listed Zamora Elementary School
Good enough, I thought.  Let's go.
The GPS lead us through some back roads mostly eastward.
Arriving, who knew? Zamora Elementary School is in Woodland!
Back to the GPS.  Now take us where we really want to go.
On the way, it took us to I-5 so we stopped in Yolo City for my "Y"
Got a photo at the local fire station.  One of the FEW businesses in town is a blacksmith
Not all that common these days.  Notice the little, fast-legs denizen zipping past

Finally, locating Zamora, and again the local fire station.

Last letter opportunity was for a county "Y" for Yolo County.
The courthouse is in Woodland which we previously, briefly visited, now we went back.
We searched for a while for Main Street which we passed unnoticed.
Finally, we settled for a photo of the side entrance of the fairgrounds.

Time to head home and a long ways to go to get there.
After a long while, we stopped at Cordelia for a bite.
We were hoping for something not fast-food and found a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant
The Green Bamboo.  If you get a chance to eat there, don't.  The food is okay, but just.
But the Tsing-Tao was fabulous and much needed.

Our originally intended route.  We pretty much followed it as best we could.

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(A) San Jose
(B) Winters
98.6 miles
(C) Zamora
22.4 miles
(D) Woodland
10.8 miles
(E) San Jose
116 miles