Jamestown, Sunday, March 10, 2013

The plan for today was to maybe go to Half Moon Bay, but
the weather report said it was going to be cold on the coast.
So we decided to go inland perhaps to Oakdale.
When we got there, the weather was nice so
we continued all the way to Jamestown.

Whenever we are traveling on Hwy-120 we like to stop at a local fruitstand at the intersection of 120 and Jack Tone Rd
They have really good produce with lots of local stuff.  Also, they bake pies fresh daily.

The almond trees are at their height of blossom.  The air is filled with their wonderful perfume.

Soon we came to the town of Escalon.  An "E" letter citiy for my ABC's.  I have used this in the past for the same reason

There is a really neat, privately owned historical car museum whose proprietor is of the same vintage as the cars.
The open hours are by the whim and fancy of the owner and his wife.  Alas they were closed today.

Next town east is Oakdale.  Good for an "O". 
This used to be the home of the west coast Hershey's Chocolates factory but that has passed into history.

Adjacent to the city badges sign (above photo) is a little shop the Quilters' Cabin.
My nieces are interested in sewing and that includes quilting.  So we stopped in.
They have all sorts of fabrics and some new concepts with which I am unfamiliar: Moda? Fat Quarters?

It was still early afternoon, in spite of daylight saving time having just begun
and we were interested in going a little further.  Trying to use the maps on the iPhone proved frustratingly difficult
Carol had the good idea to ask the ladies in the quilting shop.  They directed us toward a restaurant in Knight's Ferry

What a find.  The 50's Roadhouse Restaurant is terrific.
Real 50's menu with every dish named for a celebrity and photos and other nostalgia everywhere.

We headed into the little town on the Stanislaus River named for an actual ferry crossing created by a fellow named Knight.
And, I got a "K" letter for my ABC cities

A bright idea, we're awfully close to Jamestown.  Why don't we just head up there?
Well, it was a bit over 20 more miles (40 round trip), but turned out okay.
A "J" for my cities, a different Harley-Davidson dealer (also an ABC point) and a "T" for a county

Yeah, yeah the city and the county photos are in the same place, but they both count just the same.

There is a local shop with candy and coffee so we had an expresso.
This little shop also has baking supplies and several hundred different cookie cutters for sell.

Finally, we headed home.  A much longer day than first envisioned, but really great.

I was able to get several letters for this year's ABC's

(A) Los Gatos (B) Knights Landing (C) Jamestown View Larger Map