Ride to Jamestown, August 18, 2012
A long way for a short ride on the Railroad

Jamestown is always a fun place to visit and walk around.

There is a Railroad Museum with working locomotives
They run excursions on weekends during the tourist season.
They run a steam engine on Saturdays and a diesel engine on Sundays.

They pull the coaches backward up the track
for the first leg.

Most people who see this view are not happy.
It often portends something very bad

The "car host" was dressed like a conductor and
was very informative

At the far end of the line, they pull the locomotive to
the other end of the train

After the ride, they fill the tender with water and
then put the locomotive to bed

We took a tour of the round house
This is a mechanics' grease pit

The movies used these old, small coaches
to film the train at a simulated distance

Locomotive #28 is their heavy weight.
It is awaiting repair

Last time I visited, locomotive #2 was running,
but it broke and is awaiting funds for repair

Inside one of the old coaches

The old railroaders used ingenuity and anything handy
They made a transport vehicle out of a Model-T Ford

This is the diesel they use on Sundays
It used to be a military switcher locomotive

End of the day, old #3 getting a well earned rest

We watched as they rolled her into the round house

They posted a list of the movies and TV shows filmed here