Group Ride for Lunch, April 15, 2012
Meetup Group ride from Saratoga to Half Moon Bay

We met at Neele's Hollow just north-east of Saratoga Village

Attendees were: Alice, Carol, Dan, Dean, Kevin, Kathy, Sal, Tom and myself
7 bikes, 9 people

Neele's Hollow looks like it might belong in
Disneyland Main Street

Between Neele's Hollow and Saratoga Ave
is a little creek

We start arriving,  gathering and meeting
Dan Tom, Sal, Carol, Kathy and Kevin

Fun collection of bikes

More introductions,
Tom, Sal, Kathy and Dan

Sal rides a Triumph in-line triple

Kevin and I have the same bike, same year

three into one exhaust

fun time
Kathy, Carol, Dean

Alice arriving on her Ducati

Beautiful weather in Saratoga
Carol and Dean

coffee stop in La Honda in the midst of
a bee swarm

gathering after lunch in Half Moon Bay

Tom "posing" for his photo

getting ready to head home