Quincy, CA
Friday - Sunday
October 8-10, 2010

Karen and John and Carol and I took a long weekend trip to Quincy, Ca.

John had a grandfather who lived and worked there.
Besides that, there was a
Mountain Harvest Festival on Saturday with beer tasting.

Preparing for the trip:

We took the direct route through Oroville and up Highway-70 to Quincy

Stopping in Yuba County and Yuba City(not in Yubs County) for some photos
Stopping along Highway-70 for some more photos, very beautiful
Taking photos of various sites around town
People in Quincy are nothing if not whimsical
  Even the lamp posts show eccentricity

John is a terrific beer brewer
so one of the attractions was the annual beer festival
A warm summer day, good beer, great friends,
life is sometimes very beautiful

Coming home, we took another route from Quincy to Oroville, Highway-162
This is just as beautiful as Highway-70
Then home from Oroville the same way we came up

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