Relaxing Ride to Half Moon Bay
September 20th, 2009

Carol and I met Karen and John at a parking lot in Los Gatos and headed out for a fun day.

We headed up Highway 9 to Saratoga Village and continued up to Skyline.
North to Highway 84 and west toward the ocean.

With no particular itinerary in mind, we stopped at La Honda and decided to have a small bite and take advantage of the rest room.

To our surprise, there was a musical group setting up to perform.  They called themselves the 4-One-5's.  Perhaps as a reference to the area code.

They were quite good.  A woman with a mandolin was invited to stand in and play with them.  She was great and obviously had played with them in the past.  She knew all the arrangements and had several solo sessions.

From La Honda, we headed toward Half Moon Bay.

 Traveling up Highway-1 was a bit cool, light fog was rolling in from the ocean.  But the ride was very pleasant and went by very quickly.

There is a winery named Barterra with a tasting room right in the downtown.  The owners are a "retired" couple, the wife running a gallery with interesting stuff in a front gallery and the husband running the winery.  They were pouring around a dozen types of wine.  They ranged from good to very, very good.

Barterra also makes olive oils infused with various flavors.  Carol and I have bought some of these in past visits and enjoy them.

We walked through the shops in the downtown.  They are getting ready for Halloween and the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.  It is great fun to see all the holiday stuff.

Dinner was Japanese at the Shiki Restaurant.  It was good.

Then, we headed home, up 92 and down 280.  Another pleasant ride.

Route Map

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