Grass Valley Father's Day Bluegrass Festival
Sponsored by
California Bluegrass Association
June 18th through 21st, 2009

Maps: Route to Grass Valley

Carol and I started out and first picked up Karen and John at their house.

Next stop was Rosemarie and Kevin's house.

We headed up 880, over Mission Blvd, North on 680, and East on Hwy-4.  First road stop was scheduled to be in Concord.  This would be about 60 miles.

However none of us was familiar with the Concord area.  We wanted to stop for a cup of coffee and to top off the tanks. Before we knew it we had buzzed past Concord and had not seen an attractive opportunity.

We found ourselves passing Pittsburg and into Antioch.  Choosing an exit at random, after a bit of milling around, we found a Burger King that wasn't ideal but sufficed.

We headed up Highways 880, 680, and East on Highway 4 to Highway 160 through the delta.

Next stop was the little town of Rio Vista, Ca.

We stopped in a little restaurant because there were 3-4 motorcycles in the front and had a bite to eat.

The food was not bad and the company was very good.

We continued up Highway 160 and cut over to North on Interstate 5 bypassing most of Sacramento.

Finally, we headed East on Highway 80 to Highway 49 and North to Grass Valley

Grass Valley city map, Chamber of Commerce,
Visitors Authority

Four of us spent Thursday night at the Elam Brigs B&B Grass Valley, Ca.

The proprietor was a magician and in the morning regaled us with a number of magic tricks.  I was sitting immediately adjacent to him and yet there were some tricks that were beyond my detection.  He is very good and a member of the professional magician's club:
The Magic Castle.

He had a neat 1963-1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 in the driveway.

Thursday night, we all met at the Maria's Restaurant in Grass Valley.  Rosemarie showed off some of her "bling"
Rosemarie and Kevin continued to Nevada city and checked into the Bella Rosa Inn.

We all six enjoyed the Bella Rosa Friday a Saturday nights.  This B&B is so wonderful!  The accommodations are top-notch and they pampered us in every way they could.  The breakfasts are outstanding!

Nevada City map,Chamber of Commerce

We took a lot of photos at the Bella Rosa Inn.  We had such a good time.
And we repeatedly walked up and down the streets of Nevada City.  The women loved shopping both here and in Grass Valley.
Friday night, we celebrated Rosemarie and Kevin's anniversary at a restaurant.

Another couple we met at the Bella Rosa happened to have their 54th anniversary that day.  So we asked them to join us.

We took a short ride on Saturday up Highway 49 before going over to the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival.

We ended up at a cowboy bar in a woodsy place called Sweetland.  The food was actually quite good.  It was a big place, mostly empty, but as we ate, a few bikers came and left.  The waitress was kind enough to take a group photo of us.

The Bluegrass Festival was on for four days.  We attended on Saturday evening when the best acts were performing.

Father's Day Bluegrass Festival
put on by the
California Bluegrass Association

A special thanks to Rick C. for being our host.

It was with sadness but with warm afterglow that we headed home.  We all made resolutions to repeat this experience soon and often in the future.
On a personal note, I needed a county that begins with the letter "N" and there are Nevada County offices right there in Nevada City.  Also, there is a national forest sign for which I can get one letter per year.

This bumped my HOG ABC's of Touring up to 41 points for the year so far.

Thanks to John for some of these photos.

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