Notes and Photos of a Loop
through Quincy and Nevada City

Saturday August 16 and Monday August 18, 2008

It's my birthday so Carol and I took a trip to the gold country.

Quincy is a little city that friends Karen and John are enthusiastic about.
In addition, it is one of the few or perhaps the only "Q" city in California

Nevada City is another interesting somewhat larger town with a old west flavor.
We were originally planning on just two days, but we were having so much fun we stayed over until Monday

We will try to visit official buildings along the way to collect my HOG ABC letters

Saturday, August 16, Home to Quincy
Overview and

route through Sacramento region


Yuba City

Everyone knows that Yuba City
is not in Yuba County


The downtown in Yuba City is being renovated.  The street on which the post office is located was torn up.
I had to drive Lola up onto the sidewalk to get in front of the sign on the post office wall in order to get my photo.
The post office in Yuba City was erected in 1939.

It was hot in Yuba City and Marysville.  Carol found shade under a tree.

Oroville is in Butte County  
From Oroville, it is 70 miles on Highway 70 to get to Quincy.
This has to be one of the most beautiful highways in California.  It follows the Feather River, as do the railroad tracks.

All the photos on the road were taken by Carol from the back of the bike.
She is very good at taking these photos particularly since the preview screen is hard to read, the bike is bouncing around,
and since pressing the shutter on the camera leads to an unpredictable delay while the camera decides to take the photo.

Along Highway 70 is the Union Pacific (now BNSF) railroad with trestles
crossing over and under the road as we wind our way up the canyons.

Where the river bends too sharply, they just tunneled through the mountains.

In the 30's they build a number of small dams and power generation stations all along the river.


Plumas County

The Plumas National Park headquarters is in Quincy. Good for an ABC point.
Places we ate and stayed in Quincy
The Moon's Restaurant came highly recommended both by on-line sources and by friends Karen and John.

All the hype was correct.  An excellent place with great food.  A surprise came at dessert.  Although both of us were too full, we could not resist trying the avocado cream pie.  Who would have thought!  It was very good, reminiscent of key lime.

Carol and I were lucky enough to have a couple conversations with the owner.  She's a single mother of two daughters.  She has always been in the restaurant business and had long wanted a place of her own.  Her brother found that opportunity at the Moon's Restaurant established in 1938.  The then current elderly owners were anxious to sell the business and retire.  What sealed the deal was the apartment upstairs where her daughters and she could live.

Moon's Restaurant
497 Lawrence St
Quincy, CA 95971
(530) 283-0765

As I was making reservations I learned that this is the weekend of the county fair and that there is a big wedding with lotsa guests taking up all available lodging.  Fortunately, we lucked out and there was a timely cancelation at the only B&B in town.

The Feather Bed
542 Jackson Street
Quincy, CA 95971
800 696 8624
530 283 0102
The B&B was cute.  We stayed in the room named "Jennie's Sewing Room"

When we got there, we were confused about where to park the bike.  There was a driveway on the left
and another on the right.  Carol went to the door and tried to find out.  People on the porch, who we learned later
were other guests, were not willing to give an answer.  The front door was open and inside was a button
to be pushed for attention.  Carol pushed the button and was greeted with a cacophony of noises.
Finally, an old, shirtless man came shuffling out from the back.  He gave a speech about what and where
but the answer to the specific question was vague at best.  He continued giving information irrespective of
Carol's attempts to end the conversation and step away.

In the meantime, I was standing out on the hot bike in the sun waiting for an answer about where to park
Lola for the night.  Finally, I opted for parking on the street in front of the B&B under a street light.
Both driveways were gravel and I did not want to negotiate them.

The night was hot and the air stagnant.  We both had trouble sleeping.  About 2:30, Carol opened some windows
and we got a little air.  Soon after, Carol says "Myron, is that a skunk?"  "Yes it sure is."
Evidently, the little critter was checking out the trash along side the driveway under our window.
After what seemed like an eternity trying to sleep, all we could do was laugh.

Breakfast the following morning was actually quite good.  I shared some of mine with Cosmo, the house cat.

Sunday, August 17, Quincy to Nevada City

We took our last pictures of the Feather Bed B&B and some of the other guests we met.
The guests were then kind enough to take some photos of us.
Route from Quincy
to Nevada City

We headed over the top of the mountains
via Hwy-49.  The distance is almost
exactly 100 miles.


The road was great, traffic light,
and scenery eye-catching

Sierra City
a review

We stopped and had lunch in Sierra City


When we saw that they had Pabst Blue Ribbon, we had to have one for old time sake.

We didn't stop in Downieville,
but I did pause on Lola
in the middle of the intersection
so that Carol could take a photo
of the post office.
Nevada City

Nevada County

Places we ate and stayed in Nevada City
We got to Nevada City without reservations for the night.  It being a Sunday, I was not too worried.
Riding through the downtown, we stopped at one end and checked out the National Hotel.
It was old and smelled very stale.  The rooms were uninspiring. So we looked some more.

Walking the length of the town took little time.  At the far end, we saw a B&B with some people eating
cheese and crackers and sipping wine on a patio in the front yard.  We struck up a conversation
and they invited us to in to look around.  It looked fabulous and we were sold.

Bella Rosa Inn, 517 West Broad St., Nevada City, CA 95959, (530) 265-9055

Not only were the rooms beautifully furnished, but they offered to let us park Lola in their garage
for the night.  When we inquired as to a local laundromat, they offered the use of their facilities for no charge.

We retrieved Lola and before we knew it we were munching on cheese and salami and sipping wine.

We asked at the B&B about a good dinner spot.  They suggested:

Sopa Thai Cuisine, 312 Commercial St., Nevada City 95959, (530) 470-0101

Wow, were they right.  It has a big patio out back and the weather was perfect.
The food was fabulous and the weather just right.

Monday, August 18, Nevada City to Home
It was a pleasure to have a very nice breakfast in the sun room of the Bella Rosa Inn

The trip home from Nevada City was very enjoyable.
We headed down Hwy-99 as far as Stockton rather than I-5 just to take in the sights.
From there it was over I-580, down I-680 and I-880 and home in the early afternoon.

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