Carol and I took a Fun Ride to Monterey
Sunday, March 30, 2008

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With Carol and I getting ready to go, Jake decided that he wasn't interested.  Later, Carol discovered that he was probably figuring out how he was going to stay out all night just to cause worry.

We headed over 17 and down Highway 1.  Of course, I missed the turn-off and had to make a u-turn in town.

On Highway 1 there is a shlocky little rest-stop that has a view of the ocean off in the distance.  It also gives a glimpse, weather permitting, of south-western Santa Cruz.


The cloud bank to our south-west looks foreboding and that's the direction we're heading.  We were both worried that it might be really socked in in Monterey.

Carol taking in the view.  I think my view was far better!

On the road again on the way to Monterey, it was really windy and COLD.

But on the wharf, it was pretty nice even though still chilly.

We stopped in to one of the restaurants and had a bite of something warm.

There was a bird guy, the fellow with the gray hair and blue jacket, showing off his feathered friends hoping to make a buck from us tourist types.

His birds were beautiful although two or three looked like their plumage was kind of rough.

At one point, the bird guy was trying to help parents with a photo of their little daughter in a stroller with a bird on her arm.  He told the dad to get ready for a photo and then suddenly grabbed the little girl's arm and yanked it out to put the bird on it.  The little child, oblivious to what was going to happen, was frightened quite out of her wits.  Bird guy meant well but was certainly clumsy.

The little animals were enjoying themselves and enjoying the afternoon sun.

Living mostly in that frigid water, I think their idea of a cold day is somewhat different than ours.

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