First Ride of the New Year
A Tour of Some Peninsula Cities
Sunday, January 12, 2008

It's a new year and I just received the first issue of Hog Tales for 2008.  That means I can begin collecting letters for the HOG ABC's of Touring.

The weather is dry with highs in the mid 60's.  Unfortunately, this time of year the warmth of the day only lasts two to three hours so a long ride is not comfortable.  So a short jaunt up the peninsula for a few city letters is just the thing.

To further stoke my enthusiasm, yesterday's mail included the return of my photos for last year's ABC's.  They accepted all of my 68 photos for points.  That is above the highest threshold of 66 points for their prizes.  The prizes will arrive this May.

Note: the map shows the route Google would have recommend.
See the text below to hear about my actual route.
One of my favorite quotes:  "Not all who wander are lost"
First stop is East Palo Alto.  I have used this same post office a few times in past years for my "E".  Cities that start with an "E" are not all that common.

Now, East Palo Alto is not really considered a separate city according to the USPS, but the HOG ABC's will accept it as an "E" city or town.

Next stop was to zip further up 101 to Belmont.

I have used this post office for this purpose before.  I get a "B" for remembering.

Heading South on El Camino Real, the next stop was supposed to be Redwood City.  After a bit, I saw signs for Atherton.  Hmm, isn't that South of Redwood City?  Yes...

Well, as long as I was there, I got my photo of the Atherton City Offices.

I was looking for the post office, but it turns out to be in the same building as the city administration offices and the police department.

Back up North on El Camino Real.  The Redwood City Post Office was straightforward to find once I found Jefferson street.

This was built under the Postmaster General James A. Farley in 1934.  I'll bet you already knew that.

That funny thing right in front of Lola is some sort of solar powered device that wants you to put money in it for the right to park in front of there.  Phooey on that, I wasn't going to be there long and I never left the bike's side.

This post office is on sort of a major street.  Sometimes parking for post offices on major thoroughfares can be a challenge to position the Lola to get an appropriate photo.  So my backup plan was to visit Peninsula HD even though they are closed on Sundays.

Back South on El Camino again.  Hmm, the first couple miles seemed awfully familiar now.

The Menlo Park Post Office is just West of El Camino Real on Oak Grove Avenue.

At this point, it was warm enough with my three layers of shirts and my leather jacket that I wished I had brought my summer gloves.

Palo Alto has a post office on Cambridge Avenue, one block North of California Street, not too far from the train station.  Unfortunately, the only sign on the post office was a small decal in the window.  The USPS does that to save money I guess, but it makes it hard to get a good photo of where you are.

Fortunately, there is a parking sign across the street and that will do in a pinch.

Los Altos Hills has a township center with a few buildings.  The best target is the town hall.  Unfortunately, the only sign requires that I pull Lola some ways up onto the sidewalk to get a good photo of the small sign.

At first, I was kind of hesitant even though I did do that last year.

After I got my shot of the sign in front of the parks & recreation center, I decided that was too mundane and I thought "Oh well, what the hell!"

That was enough for today.  I came home by way of Stevens Creek Reservoir, Mt. Eden and Pierce Road.
A bit over 60 miles and just about 3 hours.  A good first ride of the year.

2008 ABC's of Touring

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