New Engine Break-In Trip
Gilroy, Hollister, Salinas
February 10, 2006

Route Overview and Start:
32.1 / 28,602 / 11:11
Started out Campbell Ave then over to Blossom Hill Blvd and
down Monterey Highway through Morgan Hill to Gilroy
The small map (above) shows my actual route, click for a larger image
I could not get Google Maps to avoid the freeways when defining my route.
So this interactive Google map is included for reference.
1st stop:

Post Office: 100 4th St


Met a nice fellow there who agreed to take my picture.  An older (about my age) Asian fellow who owns a 1986 Honda Shadow
which he bought new but has been sitting unused in his garage for more than 10 years.
He seemed excited about it, maybe he'll break it out, repair it, and enjoy it once again.
Post Office: 100 Maple St.

Wasn't sure I could find the post office so I made sure I had at least some picture of Hollister.  Not necessarily a city you'd
want to come back to any more often than you have to, especially once the summer heat starts.  Later, did find the PO.
Hungry, I stopped at the Taco Bell
88.5 / 28,658 / 1:43
Tres Pinos
Post Office: 21 E 4th St
95.7 / 28,665 / 2:00


The Postmistress was out front speaking with an ancient local patron and took time out to take a photo
of me and Lola in front of her post office.
Back up Highway 25 to Hollister and
West on Highway 156

I decided to make an unscheduled stop at San Juan Bautista
The main street is blocked off, they're preparing for a
parade for something or another.  The weather is beautiful.
110.7 / 28,680 / 2:31 - 3:06

I parked and toured the mission museum where they celebrate
having killed, enslaved, and subjugated all the indigenous peoples
in the name of their loving God.
I toured the garden and church and then wandered out back
to the old cemetery.  I'm guessing one of the people wouldn't stay
buried so they made sure.
In the church, there were a lot of photos where people are
praying for their relatives caught up in the current world situation.

I noticed that they have a stainless steel receptacle for
the holy water near the baptismal font.

Looked at Main St.  Kind of quaint.  Reminds me a little of
Nashville, Indiana.  They were still preparing for the parade
when I left.  It's not the Rose Parade, but somehow I like it
better.  Looks like "General Lee" made it for the occasion.

Continued West on 156 and South on 101 to Salinas

Monterey County

County Offices 240 Church St


The county offices are mostly in temporary buildings.  You'd think Monterey County could afford better.
Over Highway 183 to Highway 1 and up to Watsonville

Gassed up at a Valero in Castroville.
139.8 / 28,709 / 4:04

The traffic on 1 was terrible!  Bumper to bumper until just before my turn off for Watsonville.

By now I was a bit hungry.  The Taco Bell lunch did not last.
Good old Burger King.
12.0 / 28,721 / 4:37 - 4:55

After dinner, I went looking for the post office.  It took a bit, but I found it: 225 Main St.  Alas, the city name is very high
on the building above a porch roof and I'm not sure it will show up in the photo.

Running around, I came across a fire station.  Aha, a ground level sign.

Post Office: 2004 Freedom Blvd

Even though I had the address, I missed it and drove right by.
I turned around in a small corner mall and was surprised to
find the Post Office is a store front back in the corner.
No wonder I missed it.

Up Highway 1 through Santa Cruz and over Highway 17

Again, Highway 1 was really crowded.

Gosh, I'd forgotten how much I dislike going over 17 in the dark and the traffic.  Folks are crazy!

Finally, home! 60.5 / 28,770 / 6:51

ABC Letters: Cities: F, G, H, T, W Counties: M

Total: 169 miles, 7 hours 50 minutes

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