Portland, Seattle, Vancouver
Day 1: Friday, June 10, 2005
San Jose to Roseburg

I started out at 130.4 / 25,017 / 8:25

Fueled up at the local US Gas station 131.9 / 25,018


Headed up Lawrence, 280, 880
Traffic on Hwy-880 was bad from Hwy-280 up to about Brokaw
7 car fender bender along side road at Mercury News plant
Point of information: it's 19.9 miles to Mission Blvd this direction

First stop was Cordelia Junction at Hwy-680 and Hwy-80
For a snack and a rest at Burger King
79.2 / 25,098 / 10:06
I've stopped here several times before.
It's a good distance for the first leg,
usually just about an hour and a quarter.
Topped off gas at the Circle K next door.
79.2 / 25,098 / 10:35
Up Hwy-80, Hwy-505 and then North on Hwy-5
Next stop is Orland for another bite and a little sit
at the road-side Subway Sandwich shop.
113.0 / 25,211 / 12:12 to 12:40
Beautiful weather, it's warm, about 75 degrees,
and hot in the leathers when not moving

Also filled the tank before heading out again.
113.6 / 25,211 / 12:48

Herbert S. Miles Rest Area
35.2 / 25,246 / 1:25 to 1:40

Three people rode in on two bikes.
They are going from Ferndale to Sacramento

Next stop, Weed
125.7 / 25,337 / 2:58 to 3:15
Chowed down again at Taco Bell.
Then filled tank
125.8 / 25,337 / 3:29

Day is still nice, but turning colder.  During this
last stretch, ran into rain twice, longest was 3-1/2 miles

Bugs are hitting the bike.  First photo is the break lever.
At least one big butterfly hit my knee
so hard that it splattered on the side of the tank.
Randolph E. Collier Rest Area
40.2 / 25,377 / 4:10 to 4:15
While here it started sprinkling big drops.
No use standing and getting wet, moved on.

Medford, Oregon County Seat for Jackson County
87.4 / 25,358 / 5:27
Grants Pass.  I've been here a time or six.
115.9 / 25,453 / 6:12

Searched around for the main post office for a "G" city
Found the PO quite by accident.  Nearby, some sort of
bike gathering was happening at the Sears Parking Lot

Filled up at Chevron and moved on
117.8 / 25,455 / 6:25

Finally, Roseburg and I'd had enough for one day.
67.1 / 25,522 / 7:30

Quality Inn, I've been here before also.
A warm room and a hot meal across the street
and I'm a happy camper.


505 miles for today, on the road for 11 hours.  a good day

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