ABC's up to Sonora
May 11, 2005 

Joanne and I started out at 8:15, trip odometer about 41

Headed up Lawrence Expressway, over 237, up 880, over to 680, and East on 580 and 205

First stop was Tracy for a photo, 9:35, 105.9

We chose the Pregnancy Resource Center of Tracy which,
strange as it seems, is next to a business named "Dick's"

Then, we went up 5, over 120 past 99
to Oakdale for a city letter
10:25, 141.3
10:33-10:57, 143.0

And, what is in Oakdale?


Of course, we stashed a good supply.

11:05, trip odometer at 142.4, Gassed up in Oakdale, $2.679/gal, $8.80 total, 3.286 gal
Up 120 and 49,
Next stop, the Harley Dealer in Jamestown
11:40, 30.8
Heading further up 49 to Sonora,
We found a Tuolumne County sign.
Back down to Jamestown for a little lunch
at the Jamestown Coffee Emporium

12:18-12:50, 38.5

On the way home, we encountered our share of bugs.

Also, we stopped for some fresh cherries, although it's
still too early in the season for them to be too good.
1:48, 79.4

Arrived home about 3:30, Odometer at 170
271 miles in about 3 hours
City Letters: J, O, T,
County Letter: T
Myron's 2005 ABC's

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