ABC's Gilroy and
and down to Salinas
April 17, 2005 

Joanne and I started out about 4.30, trip odometer about 49

Headed down Highway 85 toward Gilroy
Trying our new intercom system for the first time.


Photos at the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce.  
Back on 101 down the 30 miles to Salinas.

Traffic coming North is completely packed, not stop-and-go,
but really slow and crowded for many miles.

Hope it's gone before we have to head home.

Central Salinas, looking for the new government center building
which should be nearing completion.

Couldn't find it, but did find a suitable parking lot sign for photos.

Downtown, we found a law firm that Tracy might want to work for.
Stopped at a little produce stand on No. Main St. looking for some artichokes.
No 'chokes, but some other good stuff.  Couple 'cukes, some limes,
an avocado, a few pears -- total: $2.69.

Closed them down, it's now 7:00.

Looking for a place for supper, we had passed a joint called
Gutierrez Drive In at East Ross St. and Sherwood Dr.

Joanne had a enchilada special (#22) that came with
salad, green beans, guacamole, rice and a cheese enchilada.

I had a combination (#20) that included
salad, enchilada, taco, rellano, beans, and rice.

Everything was really good.  Highly recommend.

Fueled up in Salinas at an American Mart gas station/mini-mart on Main St.
$2.699 a gallon for premium, 3.242 gallons, $8.75 total.
Trip odometer at 127.1, reset to 0.0

Headed back up 101, now getting kind of cool.  Road side sign says 53 degrees at about 8:30.

Stopped at the McDonald's in Morgan Hill on E. Dunne St. for a quick warm-me-up coffee.

A good trip, but the intercom system sucks.
Too hard to hear one another, head sets do not fit well in the helmets,
can't adjust the volume easily while in Joanne's pocket, but it seems to adjust itself without notice.
Home at about 9:15, trip odometer at 66. 
Totals are 138 miles in 4 hours and 45 minutes.
City Letters: "G"
County Letters: "M"
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