ABC's Half Moon Bay
and down to Santa Cruz
April 10, 2005 

Joanne and I started out about 10:45, trip odometer about 28

Headed over to Country Gourmet at Fremont and Mary in Sunnyvale
for brunch with Gary and Monica David

After brunch, at about 12:30 J & I headed destined for Half Moon Bay

Headed up Foothill Expressway toward Sand Hill Road.
Oops, cut over between Portola and Sand Hill is closed for construction

Left on Portola, up 280 to Sand Hill, over Whiskey Hill Rd. to Woodside.  Up Canada.

Oops, it's closed, reserved for bicycles only on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Have to turn East on Edgewood Road.  Back onto 280 up to 92.

On Highway 92 about 3 miles East of Half Moon Bay, heavy, slow Sunday traffic.
I noticed two Harleys coming our way. I waved and the first waved back.
I was keeping my arm extended for the second when I saw he was off the pavement in the small gravel marbles.
Before I could realize what was happening, his bike went down sliding onto the pavement on it's right side,
if I saw correctly, with him on his back not far behind.  Unfortunately whereas his bike slid back onto the road,
he slid feet first through the gravel.  He was properly dressed, helmet and leathers and his speed was low,
probably about 25 MPH.  It looked like he didn't land with too much violence,
and I didn't see his head hit anything dramatic, but it looked like his right arm smacked a fence post pretty hard.

Several cars immediately stopped and there wasn't much we could add and so we moved on.
On the way into Half Moon Bay, there was an ambulance and two fire trucks heading toward the accident.
It dawned on me that even something as minor as a broken arm requires a ride in the white and red wagon.
I hope it was nothing more serious for him.  And, I hope his bike didn't burn (fire trucks?), it looked like a real nice,
fairly new, white Fat Boy.  It'd be insult on top of injury for the poor guy if his bike got trashed.

Photos at the Half Moon Bay Post Office.

Wandered around Main Street for a while then over
to the Starbuck's by McDonald's for a clean women's W.C.

Headed down Highway 1 toward Santa Cruz,
not knowing how far South we were going to go.
Choices are San Gregorio, Pescadero, or all the way to Santa Cruz.


Davenport is on Highway 1
about 6 miles North of Santa Cruz
Fueled up in Santa Cruz, at the Valero at 335 Mission St.
$2.799 a gallon for premium, 3.027 gallons, $8.47 total.
Trip odometer at 120.1, reset to 0.0
Zayante is so-o-o small...
That the only sign I've found is for the volunteer Fire Department.
Stopped for a late afternoon snack at the grocery in Boulder Creek
From Boulder Creek, straight up Highway 9, over to Saratoga and then home.
Arrived home about 6:00, Trip Odometer at 49,
137 miles in about 5-1/2 hours
City Letters: D, H, Z
Myron's 2005 ABC's

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