ABC's up the Lower East Bay
March 10, 2005 

Joanne and I started out about 2:30, trip odometer about 86
Headed over to the condo for a few errands.
Took a photo at Joanne's local Post Office.
Started out in Milpitas.  
Beautiful meander up Warm Springs Blvd
to Fremont

Photo in front of Lake Elizabeth

Found some Alameda County
buildings in FremontParked in the red zone in front
of the police department for the photo

Brave? Dumb?  You be the judge...

Southwest on Mowry across 880
right on Cherry St. to find Newark
city buildings
Back up Northeast on Thornton to Fremont
which becomes Alvarado Blvd

Back across 880 to Smith St.


Stopped and had a Jamba Juice and almost a Krispy Kreme
Headed home on the 880 super-slab, over 237, and down Lawrence Expressway

Arrived home about 5:30, Odometer at 162
77 miles in about 3 hours

City Letters: F, M, N, U
County Letters: A
Country: USA
Myron's 2005 ABC's

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