ABC's up the Peninsula
March 9, 2005 

Joanne and I started out at 3:00, trip odometer about 31
Headed over to the Cupertino Post Office
for some photos

Continued up Stevens Creek to Foothill and up to Loyola Corners
Post Office has no outside sign  to get a good photo, moved on

Further up Foothill, Los Altos Main Post Office
Continuing up Foothill,
We stopped at the VA Hospital
for a Palo Alto photo

Wandering further up Foothill which is now Junipero Sera
Cut over onto Alameda de las Pulgas (Avenue of the fleas)

Found a Menlo Park Fire Station
but the sign is too far away and blurry
Backed up Alameda de las Pulgas
to Sand Hill, over Whiskey Hill
down into Woodside
Swung over to Redwood City
but the sun glaring on the sign made
these photos unusable also
We stopped at the Peninsula Harley-Davidson dealer.
Fortunately, this counts for Redwood City
Headed home down El Camino
Along the way stopped off to catch
Further down El Camino
Caught Atherton
Headed home down El Camino to Page Mill, West to Foothill Expressway,
Stevens Creek and then Deanza
Arrived home about 6:00, Odometer at 86
55 miles in about 3 hours
City Letters: A, B, C, L,
M, P, R W
Myron's 2005 ABC's

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