Visit to Jay in Morro Bay
December 2-3, 2004 

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

Started at 11:15 AM.

Gassed up at the Valero, corner of DeAnza and Prospect, 11:25 AM. $2.379, 3.804 gal,132.7 miles on the trip odometer 

 South on 85, South on 17, South on 1, past Watsonville, Moss Landing, Monterey, Carmel, etc. finally to the coast

Sign “Road twisty and mountainous next 63 miles”

Weather was fabulous.  Clear, there was little if any wind.  Ocean was as calm as I have ever seen it.

Air was very cold.  Wearing two t-shirts, polo shirt, flannel lined denim pants, heavy socks, leather jacket and chaps, my heavy winter gloves.  Feet cold but tolerable.

Spectacular views one after another.  Water color was perfect.  Felt like stopping for photos every mile.

Arch bridge near Pt. Lobos had two Highway Patrol cars flashing lights.  Film crew were taking pictures of bridge.  Had still cameras on booms attached to North end.

 There are very few opportunities to stop for gas along Hwy 1.  There are absolutely NO fast food restaurants.  Had to complete half of my normal fluid exchange cycle in some bushes along side the road.  No coffee to keep me warm, though.

Got gas, a hot dog and a protein bar at Cambria Shell 2:52 PM, $2.719, 169.4 odometer, 3.946 gallons

 Morro Bay 93442.  Jay was waiting in his driveway for me.

Arrived Jay's 3:25 PM, odometer at 23.0

Day Totals: 4:10 elapsed, 192.4 miles, some really good photos, spectacular weather.


Friday, December 3rd, 2004

Started at 11:15 AM. Odometer at 23.0

Tried to ride over to Morro Rock.  Went up Main St. found Atascadero Rd. which headed West.  It turns onto Embarcadero but dead ends in sand dunes North of the Rock.

 Headed up Hwy 1.  Route 46 East is about 15 miles North

Rte 46 is really pretty.  Climbs and winds but is nicely paved and wide.  Traffic was good, all drivers maintaining reasonable speeds.  About 22-25 miles from 1 to 101.

Wearing my medium gloves.  Hands are colder than I’d like.

North on 101

Nice weather, good traffic at this point.  Zooming along pretty good.

12:35, odometer at 103.7, stopped at San Ardo.  Little town, nothing really of interest.

Ate a burger, fries, iced tea at In ‘N Out Burger in Salinas, 1:40

Gassed up in Salinas Shell 2:01 PM, $2.559, 4.888 gal, 168.8 on odometer  Wow, may be driest I’ve ever run the tank.

Arrived home at 3:10 PM, 66.0 on odometer

Day Totals: 3:55, elapsed: 211.8 miles, glad to be home


Trip totals, 8:05 on bike, 404.2 miles

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