A Pumpkin Ride to Half Moon Bay
October 11, 2004 

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Monday, October 11th, 2004

Started at 2:00.  gassed up at the Valero, corner of Deanza and Prospect, 132.7 miles on the trip odometer, reset to 0.0

North on 85

North on 280

Traffic light, but did get passed by some teens going very fast.  Assume they’re from Foothill College

West on 92 to Half Moon Bay

Truck going up was kind enough to use the turnout.

Going down from Skyline, passed a number of cars where shoulder allowed.

Fell in behind two bikers, a Kawie and another ricer, who rode together and talked most the way.

Traffic returning from Half Moon Bay was slow, vowed to return home another way.

South on Main St. Parked and walked the town.  Very pleasant.  Would have been more so with company.

Bought a sandwich, turkey on rye, not very good, ate half plus and Odwala.

Headed South on Main St. & South on 1

Stopped at Bob’s pumpkin place.  Walked around for almost an hour taking pictures, enjoying the views.

Continued South on 1, considering cutting across on Stage Rd.  What I thought was Stage, just before the bridge is actually Pescadero.  Poor condition, ruts, pot holes, gravel.  U-turned and continued South on 1.

Stage Rd. is at the top of a bluff about a mile North of 84.  I zoomed past it before realizing.

East on 84, it is exactly 15 miles to the top.  9 miles to the Red Barn.  Paddle boards are pretty frequent.

Down 84 into Woodside.

Turned right on Portola and left on Alpine.

Arastradero to Page Mill, Arastradero to Purissima behind Foothill College.

Down El Monte to Foothill Expressway.  Foothill to Stevens Creek to Deanza to home.

5:30, odometer at 84.5

Totals: 3:30 elapsed, 85.1 miles, lotsa photos, some good for October desktops.

Updated: October 12, 2004 04:28 PM