HOG ABC's Ride to Chico
Friday October 8, 2004 

Started at 10:30.  106.6 miles on the trip odometer.

North on Lawrence Expressway to 237, East on 237 to 880, North on 880 to Oakland, Continue North on 80

Gas at University Arco, 11:42, 162.3, 19,293, $2.619, $10.89, 4.158, Lunch at Taco Bell, Suisun Blvd, 680x80

 East on 80 through Sacramento to Auburn  North on 49 through Auburn, found HD dealer, bought t-shirt

Nice fellow took photo with me in front of dealership but I forgot to show the magazine.

He suggested going up 49 and over 20 to get to Marysville.  Says its a more pleasant ride and too many bikers killed on 65

Placer 04-10-08.jpg (1368137 bytes) Back South on 49 to Bell Ave to find Placer county offices, took photo

North on 49 about 23 miles to 20  West on 20, 35 miles, to Marysville  Gas at Marysville Quik Stop, 15:48, 172.4, 19,462, $2.429, $9.04, 3.723

Yuba County 04-10-08.JPG (1369141 bytes) Found Yuba County center, took pictures

 Found Yuba City Harley Davidson, on Onstott Road, Building does not have city name, bought t-shirt

Yuba City 04-10-08.JPG (487532 bytes) Went back East on 20 into Yuba City and found post office, on Plumas St, for photo

East on 20 through Marysville to pick up 70 North on 70 bound for Oroville, about 25 miles

Butte 04-10-08.JPG (1312812 bytes) Found Butte county center off Nelson Avenue.

Butte 04-10-08 2.JPG (1586917 bytes) Took picture, tried to get me in photo, my head was in front of the 'E'.  Made me look like a butthead.

Continued North on 70 to join with 99, 11 miles North on 99 into Chico, 12 miles  Found Chico HD, bought a t-shirt

Wandering around Chico looking for dinner, came to McD's at Mangrove Ave and Palmetto Ave.

They were having a oldies and hot rods show.  Local radio station sponsoring.  Lots of wonderful old cars.  Ford GT40 Mark 5.  Owner said was one of only 10 existing of the type.

Went back down 99 to 32, one or two exits.  Just as I was approaching Main St, the railroad gates closed.  Three class 'C' locomotives approached and passed slowly. 

All three were laboring, perhaps 1/4 throttle.  I knew the train must be pretty long, it was.  Guess 40-50 cars went by.  Fun to watch.

Continued on 32 West to pick up 5. Came across some Glenn County offices in town of Orland.

Glenn 04-10-08.JPG (917575 bytes) It was after dark and photo was tough, flash not powerful enough, but got photo

Decided my camera couldn't flash it's way out of a raincoat...

South on 5, discouraged by sign that read Sacramento 99 miles.  Didn't realize I was that far North of Sac.

Down 5, picked up 505, running low on gas, not much on 505, worried

Gas at Winters Chevron, 20:58, 172.4, 19,635, $2.479, $11.51, 4.644 10:40, odometer at 104.0, 19739

Totals: 12:10 elapsed, 501 miles, 5 photos for ABC's, very tired

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