HOG ABC's Ride to Yosemite
Monday, September 27, 2004 

Started at 10:00 exactly.  62.4 miles on the trip odometer.

North on Lawrence Expressway to 237

East on 237 to 880

North on 880 to Mission

East on Mission to 680

North on 680 to 84, 9 miles

East on 84 through Livermore to 580

Coffee at McD at 84 & 580, peed

East on 580 to 205

 East on 205 to Tracy

Tracy 04-09-27.JPG (1182162 bytes) Located Tracy Post Office and got photo for ABC's 11:35

East on 11th St. to Hwy 5

North on 5 to 120, 2 miles

East on 120 to 99, 7 miles

North on 99 to 120, 1 mile

East on 120 to McHenry Ave, should have waited until Santa Fe Rd.

South on McHenry to Patterson Road.

 East on Patterson Road to town of Riverbank

Riverbank 04-09-27.JPG (1313207 bytes) Photo in front of Riverbank South City Hall, 12:37

East and North-East on Patterson Rd, 108 to Oakdale

Lunch, taco and burrito at Taco Bell 1:15

Fuelled up at some sort of quick mart Money Mart, 1149 W F St. odometers: 166.5, 18,812, &$2.2239, $9.04, 4.037 gal.

East on 120 to Bell Mooney Rd.

South to Jacksonville Rd

 Town of Quartz.

There is not a single public building or official sign in the town.  I went through town at least 3 times.

 Back to 120, continue East to Jamestown.

Jamestown 04-09-27.JPG (697476 bytes) Jamestown Harley Davidson is closed on Mondays!  Took a picture in front of their sign.

Parked and walked about town.  Had an ice cream cone.  Bought Cindy a bear with a lion costume.  Drove by the railroad museum.

Didn't look worth going in. Up 120 to Sonora.  About 3:10.  High school just let out.  All traffic was grid-locked.  Very hot, hard on engine.

09270026.JPG (1542948 bytes) Back down 120 to 49 toward Yosemite.  Took photo in front of Stanislaus National Forest, 4:15

09270028.JPG (1365153 bytes) Continued on 49 to Yosemite entrance, just short of toll booth.  Took photos.  3:46

Headed back out 49.  This time took Priest Grade Road.  Very steep, very slow, but much shorter than going around.

West on 120 into Oakdale.

Dinner at KFC / A&W

Fuelled up at Beacon #3633, 167.1, 18,979, $2.239, $8.56, 3.824

Stopped by a fruit stand, got some pistachios, and an organic drink which was awful.

Headed back home, 120, 99, 120, 5, 205

Turned into Livermore on Livermore Ave.  Mistake!  Continued on Livermore after it turned into Tesla Ave.  Left town and then very winding.

Seemed unfamiliar.  Went about 25 miles when I realized that I was heading toward the full moon.  Must be South and East! 

Turned around and headed back.  Tesla is not marked for sharp curves this direction.  Twice I had a real rough time with a sharp curve.

Found 84 and headed in proper direction.  Headed home.

680, Mission, looked for an open fast food place for a cup of coffee, could not find one, headed home.

Mission, 880, 237, Lawrence Expressway, Propect, home.

9:40, odometer at 131.3

Totals: 11:40, 402.5, 5 photos for ABC's

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