A Sunday Ride Down to Monterey
March 30, 2003 

Highway 1 Scenic Point
Just South of Capitola
Looking North toward Santa Cruz
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Looking South toward Monterey
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Monterey Wharf Monterey 01.jpg (204502 bytes) Monterey 02.jpg (155324 bytes) Monterey 03.jpg (152288 bytes)
Monterey 04.jpg (136238 bytes) Wharf 01.jpg (105067 bytes) Wharf 02.jpg (110261 bytes)
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Day was beautiful, temperature along the road was in the low 80's, Monterey was in the mid 70's.

Coming over 17 was very good, not too crowded and moved right along with no crazies.
Turning onto Hwy. 1 was, as always, crowded, but still moved okay.

Inadvertently did my tiny part in moving toward the extinction of the species for Monarch butterflies
when one volunteered to meet his maker against my newly washed windshield.

Monterey wharf was perfect weather-wise but was tremendously crowded.  Impossible to get
an ice cream cone which I desperately wanted.

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